Gaming Highlights From Windows 10 Conference

MWEB GameZone writes: "Microsoft held a fairly big press conference a few hours ago to punt the latest version of their flagship product, Windows 10. The conference was jammed with new info about the OS, but you’re probably most interested in what its going to be doing for Xbox One and PC gaming."

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SonZeRo1127d ago

Sounds interesting but i hope there is a disable feature on that telling everyone what you are playing, no one needs to know how much time is spent playing Hello Kitty: Island adventure :)

Deathdeliverer1127d ago

I'm all for the new feature possibilities, though I will not be buying a new OS to experience them. To ensure that the cross platform functionality is used I kinda think Microsoft will be putting the majority of its xbox one exclusives on pc which is already kicking off with killer instinct. This gives a bit of weight to the last statement in this article and what pc gamers have been saying for a while. Why buy a dedicated console when you can have a pc? We won't be seeing the effects of this for a while, but if and when Microsoft start releasing the xbox version day and date with the pc versions... Let's just say the "I have my console for the exclusives" response will be dead in the water. Again, I'm all for new features in my XB1. That's not the point. It's just that Microsoft will have to go all in with its OWN titles to show the benefits and we all know Microsoft does not have a ton of first party titles to pick and choose from. (At least thus far) So we can expect all the flagship titles to go on pc. Why have both at that point? Especially if by the time windows 10 hits graphics cards will have reduced in price more. Seems like this was all a huge pc gamer win.

Jaqen_Hghar1127d ago

MS may just be transitioning into a non-console company. This could be the first move in just putting their games on PC and reaping the benefits of being the OS kings

Deathdeliverer1127d ago

This is true. Hadn't thought of that. There may be some possibility if said exclusives perform much better sales wise on pc versus on xb1. From a business stand point it would only make sense to go full pc with a software only approach. I simply cannot see a game selling far more on pc than XB 1 though. Could this be more of a test for the future of Xbox than people realize? Pc will have all of the XB1 features at the launch of windows 10. Even the constant 30 sec recording for games. You sir may be correct.

HanCilliers1126d ago

Now that is a very good point.

mhunterjr1127d ago

You're underestimating the sheer number of people who simply don't like to play games on PC. Every year, the top selling games on console aren't exclusives, they are games that can also be played on PC... People just choose to play them on console. Those People aren't going to suddenly become PC gamers if former Xbox exclusives land on PC

Sillicur1127d ago

Although that might be the case and i have to agree with you in some way, there is also other things to consider.

PC gamers have a huge market and those exclusives might do very very well! I would love to play Halo but im not gonna buy an Xbone One to play it

HanCilliers1126d ago

There will always be console gamers and PC gamers. I agree with you on that. But, people could lose their faith in MS/Sony as they expect certain, and perhaps unrealistic things from them.

Jaqen_Hghar1126d ago

sure but with no used games, download only environment (not retail and shipping expenses so more sales/profit for MS), and never having to compete on power or sell at a loss again? Also if they bring those games to PC that creates less incentive for people to buy Xbox. Less incentive means less sales. Less sales means less install base which just motivates them more to move more stuff to PC because well...UNLIMITED install base! Also they're probably tired of trying push Sony out as the dominant console install base. They're tired of losing so they're trying to change the game because MS doesn't settle for second place.

mhunterjr1126d ago


Again. Putiting some Xbox games on PC is only going to affect sales console sales to people who only buy consoles for a handful of exclusive games per generation. Those people primarily play their games on PC anyway, So MS was never really profiting from these customers anyway.

The 'incentive' to buy consoles, for most people, isn't the exclusives... It's the desire to play on a console.

As far as installed base, developers are going to see the number of people invested in the Xbox platform. It's a unified installed base. When they make their Xbox game like Fable Legends, they won't care if the gamer is on a console, or PC, they just know the gamer is on Xbox. That's an attractive market, regardless off how many actual consoles are sold.

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HanCilliers1126d ago

Exactly, couldn't have said it better. MS gains with PC gamers on the one hand, but perhaps at the risk of alienating their console customers.

Sony is doing the same thing, is it no? Look at H1Z1..

lord zaid1126d ago

I couldn't agree more. Windows 10 looks amazing, but from a gaming side you can't help but feel its eating into Xbox One territory. The question of whether you need a console is going to become much more valid as time goes on.

plut0nash1126d ago

Comes down to exclusives and cost of hardware capable of gaming really.

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Sillicur1127d ago

Very interesting! Nice read thank you