Official New 3DS Region-Free Update Could Fix Everything

CheatCC says - "Things have been brewing in the realm of the 3DS. People are upset about the New 3DS situation, since North Americans will only be receiving the New 3DS XL. It's understandable. Every other region is getting that model, and it's the only one with delightful faceplates. Not to mention, some people prefer a smaller model system. It's only reasonable for people to feel let down because they aren't at least getting the option to choose a model. Fortunately, there's potential for an easy fix. All Nintendo would have to do is release a firmware patch that eliminates the 3DS region lock."

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Lord_Sloth1303d ago

Wonder if the analog stick will still be sold separately...

Dhampir1303d ago

Hard to find the circle pad pro already, outside amazon.

MasterCornholio1303d ago

I would love a region free 3DS.


When I go to the states I'm planning on buying another 2DS so I can play games from the US\Japan but if they were to remove the region lock I'd buy a New 3DSxl instead.

superchiller1302d ago

Can't believe anyone would waste money on the cheap, tacky, Fisher-Price-like 2DS. It really looks like a system made for 5-year-olds, ugly wedge design. Cheap junk.

marloc_x1302d ago

Schiller, the only thing cheap about it is expanding the memory..


DarkZane1303d ago

There is only one problem: Nintendo will never remove the region lock.