ASRock A780FullDisplayPort Motherboard

AMD's 780G chipset has been getting a lot of good press with its impressive onboard graphics and features:

TweakTown writes:

"While there has been a lot of focus on the Intel Core 2 range, we can't forget AMD. After all, it's AMD who has kept Intel honest by keeping prices as low as possible. Unfortunately, though, the jolly green giant has taken one blow after another with its CPUs of late; AMD held on too long to the K8 architecture, trying to squeeze every last drop out of it, and Phenom's late arrival and poor clock speeds/performance per MHz compared to the Intel counterparts has caused them some grief as well. On the upside, it has made building a multi-core and even Quad Core CPU system affordable; AMD's top Phenom X4 only costs around $360 AUD."

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