Minecraft Coming to HoloLens

VRFocus- Microsoft has surprised both the videogame and technology industries alike today by revealing Windows Holographic, a new hologram-based concept that utilises a brand new head-mounted display (HMD) named HoloLens. Details about the device are just now trickling out, suggesting that it is far more than a simple pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses. From the looks of it, Minecraft will be one of the first videogames coming to the technology.

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christocolus1059d ago

I knew Microsoft and Mojang had something huge coming.Age of mythology with this tech would be amazing. cant even begin to imagine the possibilities. this is illumiroom shrunk into a pair of glasses.

Moldiver1059d ago

Well they did say holo lens is for XB1, as well. This is pretty freaking insane.

christocolus1059d ago

it is definitely coming to xbox one.its what Phil has been hinting at allt his while and i guess its what he showed the rockstar studios boss and the picture used during the announcment had an xbox one in the background.

Sonital1059d ago

It's for Windows 10. Later this year, Xbox One = Windows 10.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1059d ago

Well if it's for Xbox One that's awesome! Looks pretty insane.

krouse931059d ago

Not without a good input device, it'll be great if they use the controller. I could care less for an entirely kinect based experience. Its simply not accurate enough to detect subtle interactions.

Spid3r61059d ago

Well in this case it is using your eye movement...did you see MS Holo Paint how accurate it was?? They did it in real time so yes they have this down packed

aviator1891059d ago

I don't play minecraft much, but my kid does.
He'll be psyched to learn of this.

gangsta_red1059d ago

Damn, that is a mind blower right there. The more I think about this the better it is and the more I like it.

Imagine playing FPS games and having bullets fly out towards you or cars or anything drive right past you and on to the screen.

It's basically an Illumiroom condensed.

And as someone said up top....Age of Empires/Mythology with this? C'mon, it writes itself.

Good job MS, definitely taking gaming forward.

Sayburr1059d ago

"Illumiroom condensed"

I had not thought of it like that. All I could see was another google glass, but the way you put it makes it exciting.

hello121059d ago

Well if they have it working for minecraft now thats a game changer amazing.

oSHINSAo1059d ago

Well, HoloLens is base on Windows 10, all Windows 10 platforms will play xbox one via share, so my guess is that you would proyect a holotv on you wall and play like they demo with Netflix. Love it

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The story is too old to be commented.