Are Games Being Over Exposed to Soon?

So as Jon (MX2) was scrolling down his Twitter feed trying to catch up on all the video game happenings that were going on this morning, Jon came across something that just hit him the wrong way. If you don’t already know, Evolve is a 4v1 multiplayer shooter created by Turtle Rock Studios that will be released next month. You can either play as the monster and hunt the four players or team up with other players to take down the monster. Now the game looks fun and all and Jon actually played the technical test this past weekend on the PS4, but there is one problem Jon has. They have already announced another playable monster as downloadable content you can aquire later.

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theXtReMe11249d ago

This is something that has plagued the industry for quite some time now. You want to get info about your game out there to build hype and momentum up until launch, but how much info is too much? I feel the press and game companies overexpose their titles to the point of feeling like we have played and beat them, 6 months before launch. Destroying any mystique and therefore that kid at christmas feeling when you play. Because developers tend to show pics and videos from every level, you dont get any surprises as you play. Which is a big part of impressing gamers and many reviewers.

It used to be, before the internet, you would see a few pictures in a magazine and read a few vague articles and when you played... damn near everything was a surprise. It gave you a sense of exploration, even in a very linear game. As you were always seeing new things you hadnt seen before. Surprises were around every corner, even in a 8 bit, 16 color game world.

Now, youve seen almost everything via pictures and videos, months and years before the game releases. You can try to black out this info, but its hard when it is everywhere you turn. Websites, commercials, forums, ads, talk shows, etc... If I have any interest in a game, I tend to turn the lights out on that title. If I see anything remotely related to it, I click away or turn the channel. You would be surprised how much enjoyment you get out of a game you know very little about, AAA or not. Some of my favorite titles last gen were those that reviewers and a lot of gamers hated. Because they werent blown out in the press and I enjoyed those games for what they were and not what I thought they would be.

Hopefully... I can resist the urge, more often than not, this generation also. It truly adds a lot to any game, not knowing what awaits you and experiencing it for yourself and not through the eyes of others, before the game everr hits store shelves.

3-4-51249d ago

* There are TOO MANY media outlets that "need" to have stuff to talk about and put on their site every day.

If there isn't news, they make it up.

It's pathetic, but that is part of the problem.

Dev's,Media,Gamers just all need to be a bit more patient with the info.

* Some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had were with games I didn't hear much about until maybe 2-3 weeks before launch.

Garethvk1249d ago

I think in some cases this is very true. Games are hyped and promised at a certain date and usually come out incomplete or get delayed. I still remember Red Faction2 as the great example of how to do it. It was announced about 6 weeks before it shipped and they actually shipped a stable game that was fun. They had the advantage of being part of a successful series but they showed you can sell tons without a huge amount of hype. I think a good part if it is that costs have risen so much in the production of a game that publishers need to the revenue from pre-sells and from working exclusive first looks and articles with some publishers to help offset costs.

dreamoner1249d ago

Hope that's the case for Fallout 4 :D

opoikl1249d ago

Not that it's anything like a singleplayer campaign, but I expect GT7 to be announced really close to its release date. They'll make sure there's not a single chance for a delay, at least that's what they should do after GT5.

crazychris41241249d ago

Totally agree. I get annoyed when games are announced but dont come out for another 2 to 3 years. After a while you just get sick of hearing about it.

SmokingMonkey1249d ago

What? You want commercials with gameplay?!


Roccetarius1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

I've always thought that games are being revealed too soon, not to mention without a set in stone release date. It's only going to hurt the game in the long run, considering people eventually get tired of hearing the same info, or waiting for a game that was revealed 2 - 3 years ago.

At max, the game should be revealed 1 - 1 and a half years before release, and that's only if you know that's set in stone.

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