Top 10 PSone Classics on PSN

GamerU lists their top ten PS One games currently available on the PlayStation Network.

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Relientk771124d ago

PlayStation, the king of JRPGs

and that's with many not on this list too

Godmars2901124d ago

The PS1 you mean. The era when tools didn't outstrip ability.

insomnium21124d ago (Edited 1124d ago )

Somehow Suikoden 1 to me is the better game when compaired to Suikoden 2. It might sound silly but it just is. Suiko 1 is the only rpg I have played through more than 5 times. The atmosphere, soundtrack and story are just that good.

I should get Suiko 2 for my Vita so I could play it again. I don't feel like playing that from a big tv. I have both of them original for PS1.

ShiranaiJittai1123d ago (Edited 1123d ago )

@Godmars290 Playstation, PS1, PSOne, and PSX are all the same thing. Just different ways of saying it. Neither of you are wrong.

Revengeance1124d ago

There's just too damn many!

DarkOcelet1124d ago

RPG Rules! I could use a current gen reboot or sequel to every single game on the list. Especially Parasite Eve.

ps4gamer19831124d ago

Wish they would bring Breath of Fire, SaGa Frontier 1 & 2, and Dark Cloud 1 & 2 (ps2) to psn

KrisButtar1124d ago

Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter was where I lost all interest in the series. That game was awful. Maybe a reboot would be good though.

ps4gamer19831123d ago

I meant BoF 3. I never played that one you mentioned because reviews were bad.

KrisButtar1123d ago

I loved 1,2 and 3 but I'm glad the reviews spared you Dragon Quarter I wasn't so lucky.

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The story is too old to be commented.