Destiny's Crota's End 'Hard Mode' gets cleared already?

50 minutes after Bungie activated the 'Hard' mode for the Crota's End reports of coming at Bungie of teams having cleared the raid already.

This isn't the first time a so called 'hard' raid gets cleared so soon after release.

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bananaboats1303d ago

maybe because it isnt that hard. all they did was add more things to kill with some of them being elites.

Cid331303d ago

i see that you have not done it,

bananaboats1303d ago

and how would you know that?

JeffGUNZ1303d ago

It's definately harder and what makes it even harder is playing with the level 32's you can obviously see cheesed it on normal. When you're a 32 and you don't know to stand on each totem and middle plate to form the bridge, you shouldn't be in hard mode.

Crota is a lot harder but doable. People again had no idea how to beat crota legit and now this seems impossible. It's the SAME THING in regards to timing. Everything needs to be done at a certain time and people need to understand their roles.

Please, oh please, don't try and be the sword user if you have no idea what the hell you're doing.

Cid331300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

yeh people have cheesed so much its insane, i see full level 32 that do not know anything about the raid, they are a freaking waste of heavy ammo synts. its sad to explain the raid to lvl 32 people in hard mode, im done helping in this game, i just stick to guys that know how to play. Scrubs with no heavy ammo and 274 un-upgraded rocket and cheese gear can go to hell

JeffGUNZ1299d ago


I hate when I have the sword and yell "fire fire" and two idiots say "I don't have any heavy". How the hell do you do the hard raid and have no heavy synths? "I have a ghally, it's level 302 though" F*ck. Don't do hard unless you know the raid, have 331 icebreaker/ghally and have heavies. Man, when Xur is selling them 5 for 1 coin, their is no excuse!