Elder Scrolls Online Buy to Play Explained

Pete Hines, Vice President of PR and Marketing, Matt Firor, Game Director, and Paul Sage, Creative Director on The Elder Scrolls Online took to Twitch to answer questions and go in depth about what you can expect for Elder Scrolls Online’s future.

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-Foxtrot1189d ago

The best thing about this is that more people get to play it, this means that regardless what you think of the game there is now no bloody reason to add online or co-op in their main Elder Scrolls game, or even in Fallout.

Now people have a game for those online features

calibann1188d ago

You're quite a lonely person aren't you?

XBLSkull1188d ago

2-4 player coop should be included in almost every game.

You are high if you don't think coop would be beneficial to Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles.

-Foxtrot1188d ago

Or maybe I just can't be arsed with talking to people who I've seen for hours on end at either work or University.

pompombrum1188d ago

This game can hardly be considered a substitute for the main Elder Scrolls games. Granted the magic of Elder Scrolls is in it's freedom to allow you to craft your own story which clearly works best as a single player game, I still wouldn't object if they wanted to add online support to future Elder Scrolls/Fallout games providing they are done well and don't come at the expense of the main experience.

Psychotica1188d ago

I wouldn't care if they added online to future Elder Scrolls\Fallout games as long as it's not at the expense of the single player only experience. Stop forcing me to play with others when I don't want to..

Cy1188d ago

Agreed. The main game should stay single player. I hate when games add pointless MP or social features.

joab7771188d ago

They are gonna do what DCUO does. No thank you. There will be a huge divide b/w subs and non subs etc. I'm good.

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KrisButtar1188d ago

I own the game on PC and bought it because I wanted a "Skyrim with friends" experience like many others. This game is more like FF14 than Skyrim. So its not giving me co-op with friends, I have been asking for and likely along with many others.

I left disappointed and want a co-op Elder Scrolls more now because all this game did, was do it wrong. No one asked for this mess but people have been asking for co-op.

I find it very interesting that every MMO on the PS4 doesn't require PS+ but this one will. They would make lots of money in the cash shop if Motifs and recipes were there. Boy those Motifs are hard to come by, sure be a time saver if you could buy them.

_LarZen_1188d ago

If you thought you would get the same RPG experience in ESO that is a MMORPG then you only got yourself to blame.

pompombrum1188d ago

.. yeah God forbid people buy an Elder Scrolls game and expect it to be like Elder Scrolls. Granted it was never quite going to be "Skyrim with friends" they could have easily designed the game around a sandbox experience as opposed to copying the lets be honest, overused formula of most MMOs.

Maxor1188d ago

Please stop asking for coop in Bethesda RPGs. They're buggy enough already. If you don't like MMOs then the solution is simple, don't play them. But stop trying to ruin this franchise with idiotic coop requests.

Skate-AK1188d ago

I know what you mean. I doubt their games will be very buggy from now on though since PC, Xbone and PS4 are all X86.

GokuSolosAll1188d ago

Fallout and ES neex co-op. Anyone crying about it needs to understand that it would be optional. As lonng as it doesn't force it or detract from the experience at all there's literally no reason we can't have it. Too bad you're a nut who doesn't want the option because you have issues, don't drag us all down.