Reuters: Court order on YouTube user data fans privacy fears

Reuters writes: " A U.S. judge's order to Google Inc to turn over YouTube user data to Viacom Inc sparked an outcry on Thursday from privacy advocates in the midst of a legal showdown over video piracy.

Viacom, owner of movie studio Paramount and MTV Networks, requested the information as part of its $1 billion copyright infringement lawsuit against the popular online video service and its deep-pocketed parent, Google.

Judge Louis Stanton of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered Google on Tuesday to turn over as evidence a database with usernames of YouTube viewers, what videos they watched when, and users' computer addresses."

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Le-mo3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

BS on Viacom's part, this is invasion of privacy and BS on the Judge's part for allowing this to happen.

Mercutio3727d ago

What the hell is up with America.

ravinash3727d ago

Way to go Viacom for shooting your own customers in the back of the head.
Don't they realize then when people share media on things like You Tube its like free advertising.
I could understand if it were whole films, but this is BS.

IdleLeeSiuLung3727d ago

There is a lot of things wrong wit America and the rest of the world, but European and Asian viewers decided to visit an American owned site. That gives a US court the legal right to decide on court cases.

Because other users live in different part of the country doesn't mean you are immune to US law (although sometimes you do get extradited).

I'm not an expert though.

Pain3727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

It was solely because of YouTube that made Viacom's shows Massively popular, Daily show/colbert/south park ect~

so they lose Huge wads of Royalty Cash and this is the end result~

always new the "video such and such in red has been removed by order of Viacom" was going to end ugly.

Damphear3726d ago

most of this is for bootleg concerts and stuff the companys dont want bands and others to have.

i for one well be probly hunted for posting rare hendrix and captain beefheart videos sence viacom ownds the 4 companys that own the rights to those bands

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Lucreto3727d ago

This has me concerned but Google will appeal the decision and hopefully win.

Silver3603727d ago

It is part of discovery in a court trail and there is no room for appeal. They must do this unless they can get another judge to hear the case and that isn't likely.

Now on the count of three everyone leave Youtube and change your ISP's

Lucreto3726d ago

Funny I heard when it was on the news that they were going to appeal.

macalatus3727d ago

So are they really serious about suing 98.48% of the population of the entire United States for "copyright violation" and put them to jail?

jay23727d ago (Edited 3727d ago )

This is stupid and a waste of time.
Not the artical, the whole court order stuff.

radzy3727d ago

this is microsofts doing.
they couldnt get yahoo to hurt google, so now they try to get youtube which is google owned.

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