Microsoft Details Windows Holographic HMD with Xbox One Support

VRFocus- After a year of rumours and speculation, Microsoft has finally confirmed that it is developing its very own augmented reality (AR) head-mounted display (HMD) to compete with the likes of the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus. That HMD is Windows Holographic and it appears to be fully compatible with the company’s Xbox One console.

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DragonbornZ1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Man iv'e been waiting for this. Can't wait for more on this.

Hmmm. AR minecraft? :3

TheRedButterfly1274d ago

In real time, in real space. MS IS CHANGING THE GAME!

Arnon1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

It's a beautiful concept video, but I'm skeptical in regards to it's entertainment aspects, especially those in the field of gaming.

For instance,
-Do I need to walk everywhere to interact with a game?
-Will this come with some sort of treadmill to move through worlds?
-If it's AR and not VR, how will a game even work with it unless it's only a "creating", "top-down strategy" or "point and click" game?
-If movement is not required, are we looking at on-rails types of games, much like what a few Kinect-only games did due to the same limitations?
-If a controller is used in conjunction with the AR headset, would this simply be a VR headset with less immersion, since you're not actually in the game?
-Am I simply looking at a majority of "apple app store" style games?

To me, it seems to lend itself far more to practical aspects of life as opposed to entertainment aspects, hence why gaming seemed to not be a big aspect of the concept video. Also, considering it is a concept video, I'm forced to take what I've seen with a grain of salt in regards to its actual potential.

With every form of AR I've experienced, they've all been inherently limited for the simple fact that it was AR (3DS, PlayStation cameras, etc.).

I'm excited to see what comes of it, though!

XBLSkull1274d ago

Just glad it is something different, we don't need 3 pieces of gear that are essentially the same. Owning this and either an occulus or morpheus will be the way to go. This thing is going to be a must have.

AliTheSnake11274d ago

So I can play a Board game or a Cards trading game and the creature come to life ?

Remind me of Heavy rain. The character Hayden had something like that.

inveni01274d ago

Wow. This will never work like what they show. This is the Kinect 1.0 to the Kinect 4.0. In 20 years, we may have something that works how they're showing. In 50 years, we'll just pop in contacts that do this. Until then, I don't need to wear a 6lb helmet.

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BallsEye1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

AR Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball please. Or imagine Master chief customization for MP, when he's actually standing next to you in 1:1 scale. Damn!

Dhampir1274d ago

1:0.8 scale please. I'm only 6 feet tall...

Virtual groping coming soon from Team Ninja.

frostypants1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yes, imagine! And keep imagining, because you're not gonna see anything approaching this from MS or anyone else for years. I hope I am wrong, but I'm tired of being burned by fake tech demos.

bintarok1274d ago

PC and XO are getting married, AR and VR are getting married, windows and holograms are getting married. Are they nuts? =)

MSBAUSTX1274d ago

I personally love what they are doing.

frostypants1274d ago

AR is a subset of VR. Putting them together isn't a new idea.

Andofaus1274d ago

Yeah this could have massive implications. I'm imagining playing Forza surrounded in the cockpit, or playing Halo with my weapon and hud right there in front of me this could be amazing.

andibandit1274d ago

Im thinking something along the same lines except
replace cockpit and HUD with dancing naked girls.

thorstein1274d ago

This is pretty cool and will be awesome on my PC!

bluzone1274d ago

Didn't they demo this for Skype, as in non-gaming.

MoveTheGlow1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Oh, that's right, this is basically a redo of the Fortaleza idea in non-project form, with a more broad focus. I hope, unlike Google Glass, that the actual product produces the kinds of experiences in the ads.

Also, I'm very glad this will work with PC. There are a ton of non-gaming applications this could be applied to if it's great, especially in the medical and industrial fields.

I mean, if this isn't a complete BS commercial, this looks like The God-Dang Future. The first iteration of an actual Holodeck.

1274d ago
TAURUS-5551273d ago


first kinect now this...haha

Kidmyst1273d ago

If it works like this, then I'll pick up an Xbone. But I'm curious how it'll work with varying rooms, objects in the room, how crisp and see through the images are and if the objects behind it will make them harder to see. But definitely has my attention.

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Lawboy21274d ago

This literally just blew myind

DougLord1274d ago

Who is Myind. At least someone is getting some!

But this is really smart of MSFT. A VR headset for the Xone would flop hard. It's just not powerful enough. People aren't going to support VR by the millions until it's perfect. No screen doors, no motion sickness. Maybe PS5 will be capable, but these boxes have difficulty with 1080p.

I'm not actually sure VR will ever happen. Have you seen 4K 3D? It looks a lot better then 1080p. Now imagine it without glasses, on a 4K or 8k OLED with infinite contrast and brightness at 120hz. That will take the same horsepower as VR, and will probably be better.

andibandit1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

sad but true(about VR), I hear that you need at least 4K to get rid of motion sickness and on top of that you are , in theory, rendering double the images(right/left eye). That double amount of images should only required around 50% more horsepower tho.

So in short we need:
more power to get todays games @4K
and 50% more power on top of that

we are here:

Lawboy21274d ago

The future is here ladies and gentlemen...lets rejoice

Willio1274d ago

I'm sorry for being skeptical to your hype machine. MS has never and prolli ever lead innovation.

Death1274d ago

Microsoft will never lead in innovation? I appreciate your skepticism over AR and it's uses, but your statement isn't grounded in reality. Have you seen the amount of patents Microsoft owns? Milo is a great example of technology lagging behind creativity. Kinect is a great piece of tech, but is barely used. AR and VR are in the same boat, until software takes advantage of the hardware it is useless tech. I'm intrigued by the possibilities though. I'm starting to understand why Microsoft was so interested in Minecraft now. Can you imagine playing card battle games like Magic the Gathering or even Pokémon with AR in an open setting like a gymnasium? This could make for some very interesting next generation arcades. I would like to see what Japan can do with this tech.

PhucSeeker1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

Techs from M$ have always been cool to me, and they can be used in a lot of ways. Sadly M$ don't know how to make games with them.

Hoping this time M$ can make some cool games with hololens. It looks a lot more real than that Milo boy. "She felt the need to reach down for the Goggles." You're shitting me.

Sonital1274d ago

I'm concerned that i'll end up with some kind of stress disorder should they give this to game devs (they will) with Alien running around my living room...

iNFAMOUZ11274d ago

lol me too!!!! im like whaaaaaaaaaaaaat brain why you no work

frostypants1274d ago

They "literally" blew your mind? How hard did they blow on it?

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gangsta_red1274d ago

I am more interested in AR than VR personally. At least you wouldn't be so isolated from reality with AR.

Good to see MS going in a different direction than VR...for now.

Software_Lover1274d ago

That's my main concern with VR. I've said it before. Some gamers are already wearing Headphones and can't here what's going on then add another headset that covers the eyes. Anything could happen.

RzaDaRazor1274d ago

and then there's the time your friends walk in the room without you knowing and scare the crap out of you lol

BlackPhillip6661274d ago

Yeah right like someone gonna rob ya and steal your wallet and mobile in yer own room while on vr.

gangsta_red1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )


Lol, exactly, especially if you have kids, or a-hole roommates. Not to mention I just don't want a huge piece of metal strapped around my face and my eyes pressed up against a screen.

It's bad enough working in front of two monitors all day.

Almost as silly as the excuse of people watching you flail your arms around that a lot of folks had when Kinect was unveiled right?

Except this time it's way more probable.

Loktai1273d ago

@gangsta_red , Software_Lover, RzaDaRazor ,

Kinect/Move/Wii DID cause problems for some people.
Mostly idiots but sometimes it was just accidental.
Depends on how dumb people are though. A really entitled woman who worked with my friend (at a grocery store) was evicted from her housing because she refused to listen to her neighbors complaints that she was making alot of noise moving around for hours at night, she felt she had a right to use the electronics because "if they sell it, its ok and so Im entitled".... I also saw alot of people damaging TVs and systems "flailing" or when the wiimotes would go flying- again not the sharpest tacks in the box.

VR and augmented reality both have this aspect but from what I saw of microsofts tech its going to be mostly HUDs and overlays in practice and very little that will require any kind of explosive movement would work, mostly the same goes for VR. Im more into VR as an idea but somehow I can picture myself breaking something or tripping over my subwoofer (its a big one like 24" cube)... left of center in the room and being disoriented and breaking my arm, which would be my own fault and hilarious.

Point is anyone can complain about anything as being a "problem" and they are probably ALL right but you can make anything sound ridiculous like "2 TON ROLLING BOXES POWERED BY FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS IN PUNCTURABLE TANKS ROLLING AT 75MPH DOWN CONJEALED TAR AND ROCK WITH ONLY METAL ON METAL FRICTION TO STOP THEM? AND YOU'RE TRAPPED INSIDE WITH LOCKS?!" People will either adopt the technology and get used to it or not. VR Isnt a mystery people have VR Headsets and use them so the real world downsides are already known, I havent heard of anybody getting violently robbed while they're in VR, its really no more dangerous than going upstairs and sleeping or how about when you're OUT of your house and nobody is there?

That being said Ill wait for some irresponsible person to be wearing the VR headset and forget to watch their kids or not notice their wife is home while using the VR headset to surf redtube. It must've already happened to somebody.

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BlackTar1871274d ago

The truth is Gangsta, If MS went VR you would say the exact same thing just switch the words around.

Both are nice.

gangsta_red1274d ago

Actually, the truth is Black, I never cared about VR, no matter who is making it. I have said this in the past many times for Morpheus and Oculus. And I said it when there was rumors of MS doing the same.

Please re-direct that fanboy assumption implication elsewhere. It is definitely not needed for this conversation.

memots1274d ago

I tough AR on vita was gimmicky? What happened , its cool again ?

BattleTorn1274d ago

By that you mean, AR wouldn't be an immersive than VR, right?

AR is more impressive, don't get me wrong.

But I am far more interested in VR in gaming than AR.

SegaGamer1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

I am more interested in VR too. I like both ideas and it would be great to see them both but i am more interested in VR in gaming.

Fez1273d ago (Edited 1273d ago )

"At least you wouldn't be so isolated from reality with AR." is a strange negative against VR to me. I thought people wanted more immersive video games?

I'm not sure how you can be more interested in AR than VR in terms of their application for gaming. For a start AR has been around and working for a lot longer than VR, and it hasn't produced much more than gimmicks. I think if it's done better it would be good for UI stuff and some cool gaming functionality would come out of it... but the immersion of VR is a much more attractive proposition.

I agree that is is good to see MS going down a different route than VR though. MS and Sony should be looking for more differentiation between each other.

Disclaimer: I haven't had a chance to see the press release yet so maybe I should delete this comment and prepare to be amazed? :)

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marlinfan101274d ago

This headsets the craziest thing I've ever seen

DragonbornZ1274d ago

Right? It's just like a big pair of shades. Simple and sleek as hell.

jrshankill1274d ago (Edited 1274d ago )

Yeah. This stuff completely blew my mind. I was actually laughing out loud at how ridiculously cool this is, and the possibilities are endless.
Say what you want about MS, but this is some serious game changing tech.
Home run from MS. Will be interesting to follow the developments and apps implemented. That Mincecraft stuff looked seriously cool (and I don't play Minecraft at all).