Microsoft announces HoloLens, an augmented reality 'hologram' headset, for Windows 10

The next step in Windows technology is a new headset that uses holograms called Microsoft HoloLens, operating system group technical fellow Alex Kipman announced today.

Kipman unveiled the Microsoft HoloLens, "the most advanced holographic computer the world has ever see," onstage. The HoloLens uses see-through lenses, spatial sound and advanced sensors. It includes built-in high-end CPU and GPU. Holograms are universal apps and all universal apps can be made to work with Windows holographic, Kipman added.

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christocolus1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

"The kit itself features a built-in high-end CPU and GPU."


bleedsoe9mm1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

ya thats huge , wonder how powerful it is , and can it be used in conjunction with pc or xb1 or cloud or is it 100% standalone .

FriedGoat1303d ago

Looks pretty cool, not the same kind of VR as rift and morpheus though. I have a real sweetspot for augmented reality so this is pretty exciting.

Double Toasted1303d ago

Dang I just told someone I was sure if it had those two things, just that it had a hologram processor in it. This thing is more powerful than I thought. I hope its virtually weightless...

Sayburr1303d ago

...So, kinda like Google Glass, but for gaming?

OrangePowerz1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

The general principal yes.

They could have done without the "most advanced the world has seen" PR line.

Volkama1303d ago

Funny, Sony say that about the PS4 pretty frequently don't they?

Unless you know of a better holographic computer, I don't really see the issue...

I_am_Batman1303d ago

I guess it can do anything Google Glass can do and much more due to the holographic capabilities. You could use it for a lot of different stuff like creating 3D concepts in AR for real life modelling for example.

Sayburr1303d ago

ahhh, I see now.

"Then the photons enter the goggles’ two lenses, where they ricochet between layers of blue, green and red glass before they reach the back of your eye. “When you get the light to be at the exact angle,” Kipman tells me, “that’s where all the magic comes in.”" -

jb2271303d ago

Considering Google just put Glass out to pasture, I'd say MS are sweating a bit based on the funds they must've pumped into this thing. Ultimately it'll only be used in homes, in which case, why not go the full VR route, or at least have VR in addition to the AR present. Could be cool but it's not grabbing me the way Oculus & Morpheus potentially could.

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ScorpiusX1303d ago

Day one buy on everything shown & mentioned today .sweet

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The story is too old to be commented.