Phil Spencer is wearing a Battletoads shirt

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, took the stage at this afternoon's Windows 10 event wearing ... is that a Battletoads shirt? It is!

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Software_Lover1303d ago

People are very observant. I just thought it was a regular T-shirt like you get from JC Pennys lol. I have a lot of those.

ScorpiusX1303d ago

Day one buy & I want a t-shirt also

XanderZane1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

I knew it was Battletoads as soon as he stepped on the stage. It's obviously coming to XB1 from RARE.

porkChop1303d ago

It could be a new Rare game, but did you ever think that Phil is a gamer and possibly a Battletoads fan? I'm not saying he isn't teasing an announcement, I'm just saying don't get hyped up over something that could quite easily be nothing.

CorndogBurglar1303d ago

Under normal circumstances, yes, I would agree with you.

But there's been a lot of talk about the Battletoads franchise recently. So this is certainly not just some coincidence.

Manic20141303d ago

Yeah thats true but as soon as Phil got on stage Craig Duncan of Rare posted a tweet complementing the T-shirt. I think it could be a very plausible sign of a new Battletoads Game.

Gotcha51303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

This is a happening thing not just hype Microsoft file a Trademark Renewal Nov. 10 2014 for Battletoads. Just as last E3 he sported a Crackdown shirt and that to was announced. So all have to wait until E3 for an annoucement. hope it's not a download I rather have a physical copy.

vikingland11303d ago

If not, we're getting trolled pretty hard. Or else, he just has a collection of cool T-shirts.

gangsta_red1303d ago

That would be the ultimate troll! And I would expect a loss of at least two bubbles for him doing that!

LexHazard791303d ago

Man Xbox One gaming on PC, cross device multiplayer, and Battletoads Tshirt what else can I say...going to your PC and actually making a movie out of your gameplay.... Guys I was not expecting this type of news from the event or seeing them show it off for us. MS has just made it for all Xbox One owners something to feel great about. And NO fanboy is gonna ruin this for True gaming fans.. GO Xbox!! F...yeah!

poor_cus_of_games1303d ago (Edited 1303d ago )

Yeah I've been doing the same thing for a while now on share factory. At least now I can do something similar on my x1. Also owning a x1 does not make you anymore of a "true" gaming fan than the wii u, ps4 and pc.

LexHazard791303d ago

I never said Xbox gamers are true gaming fans. This is great News for all gamers. Its just that on this site MS and Xbox gamers dont seem to get a fair shake at times. Today is day for them to be proud of Xbox! I have both console and if this were a Sony or Nintendo event I would be praising ir just like I am for Xbox. Dont try make it more than what it is. Again, Xbox had a great day. Now go play on your PS4 or Wii U and let me enjoy the moment.

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The story is too old to be commented.