Phil Spencer: DirectX 12 Brings Up To 50 Percent Increase In Games' Performance

During the on going live stream of the Windows 10 event, Phil Spencer took stage to talk about Microsoft's upcoming graphics API, DirectX 12.

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SniperControl1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Finally, my GTX970's in SLI will finally get used properly!

@slappy508 below

Hopefully, My old games run perfectly in 4K, but some of the new ones do struggle a wee bit.

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slappy5081305d ago

I've also got 970 slis. I wonder if dx12 makes it more possible to run more games at 4k?

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GameNameFame1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

On PC. and same figure they announced when they first announced DX12.

And when they said it the first time. It was for PC too. Not sure why and how X1 is even mentioned in the article.

But great news for PC gamers.

Unspoken1305d ago

It won't. The CPU isn't the bottleneck at 4k.

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BrunoM1304d ago


You don't even get what is going on do you ?

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Gamer19821305d ago

This will help PC about as much as MANTLE did this is like MS version of MANTLE. Imagine it like that. Something consoles already has..

Kumomeme1305d ago

but console already has low level api

Kingdomcome2471305d ago

@Kumomeme- This really doesn't matter as far as bringing it closer to the metal. It's about efficiency, and proper core usage. No matter how close to the metal the console was prior it still dumped the entire workload onto a single core. This changes that. I imagine that DX12 would have worked wonders for a game like Unity.

Edvin19841304d ago

@Gamer1982 and @Kumomeme you both I assume don't understand what the change with DX12 vs DX11 really is. This API is not about programing to the metal (low level API), but rather how the CPU communicates to the GPU.

Traditional API even low level is still limited to only use 1 core of CPU to talk to 1 GPU core, but DX12 allows multiple CPU cores to talk to multiple GPU cores at the same time. This is still essentially at the same level API as DX11, but you can just ride on more lanes. I hope that makes some sense, and this will help out the X1 significantly as the CPU used now allows for 100% at the same time of 7 out 8 cpu cores (well 6.5 cores to be exact).

If you ever watch a DX12 cpu load bench you will see all cores are running at the same load level.


Happy Gaming Guys/Gals.

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Magicite1305d ago

There wasnt much difference between DX10 and 11, so hopefully 12 will be a big leap.

gfk3421304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

But according to Phil Spencer a maximum 50% performance gain will be seen with Directx 12.

Less than a year ago we were discussing about 2 times the performance (100% more). Here is a n4g article in which 414 comments were posted.

So I will say to wait a proper comparison because the percentage could change.

Jamaicangmr1305d ago

No it wont, this is just PR marketing hype it is never that big usually hardly noticeable.

This is my gripe with PC gaming. The hardware never gets fully utilized until like 3 generations after. As badly utilized as Crysis was atleast it moved the industry forward and for years was the standard.

Now a days PC games look marginally better than console games so whats the point of a 4, 5 or $600 GPU? I'm still running a 670SC which i upgraded from a 570 because of battlefield and am waiting on a valid reason to upgrade again. It's been years

jmc88881304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

The 670 was under $400, it's only 2 1/2 years old, and it still is more powerful then either console.

I don't get your argument. You say you are waiting for a valid reason to upgrade, and said it's been years, but 2 1/2 years isn't long at all, and there are a ton of ways you aren't capturing the best quality of the game. Simply put 1080p is not the max for PC games.

As a GTX 970 owner from a 670, it was definitely worth it...especially with my $299 4k 39" screen, which can also do [email protected] frames per second. Though before I got that screen, getting those 30 FPS games to 60 with higher fidelity was worth it. Now that I can do 1080p/136, 1440/80, 1800/52, 1960/43, 2160(4k)/30... the power makes even more sense. In fact we need even more, but the 970 is a beast nonetheless, and that extra power is well used.

Additionally it is well known that you need higher then 1080p to really utilize the ultra textures.

Even at 1080p, the 670 averages 30-60 FPS with mostly..very high setting, low level AA, etc, etc.

Higher resolution, higher framerate, and even higher fidelity, that's what you get. All for about $329.

It's not marginal at all. Having Battlefield 4 for both PS4 and my PC, I can honestly say, it's quite a massive difference even at 1080p. Let alone higher resolutions and framerates.

Remember folks 4ktv's have been out there for $299 or LESS for the past 6 months. Even the 60hz 4k ones will be $499 or less soon. Buy a cheap one though, they still have to finalize certain settings, so they are ALL akin to buying a 1080i monitor 10+ years ago. Lots of people paid $5,000 and they can't stream 4k netflix. So either buy a cheap one and enjoy it for a few years, and THEN get another cheap one with all the new standards, or wait. But for $299, I couldn't pass up >1080p AND >60FPS.

BattleTorn1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Lol, PC gamers....

I've got one of the top 5 high-end videocards.....

... best use two!


DougLord1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Sorry, but if you have 970s in SLI I'm guessing you are rocking a 4 core i7. This wont help you much because your CPU has enough grunt to get it done. Just look at mantle. It only helps shitty AMD CPUs. The good news, this is what the Xone has, and is why DX 12 will give it a nice little bump.

For all the Sony trolls saying the Xone already does this BS. None of the current batch of games is designed to load all 8 cores equally. That because developers are used to programming on the 360 and cell, which had 3 cores. And 1 was set aside for the system. So at most they had 1 core feeding the GPU and one doing AI. During the first year most games are cross gen, and there is no way you can make 1 version of the game load 6 cores while the other loads 2. As programmers learn to code games that can keep 6+ cores fully loaded, these consoles will benefit significantly.

ShottyGibs1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

DX12 as Mantle did, cuts down on CPU draw calls and lets all the cores get used.
If you've ever tried running games at 120+ fps you would know you need all the CPU power you can get.

People and tech noobs totallly underestimate the job of a CPU in gaming.

extermin8or1304d ago

umm xone has like 6 and a half cores available to devs..... not 8.

FlyingFoxy1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Newer games will struggle with 2 very good cards at 4k, of course. You should've gone with 1440p 144hz screen if you want quality and speed.

You don't go for a 4k screen not knowing what to expect, you knew what you were getting into, 1080p still needs a mid/high end card to run well so it stands to reason 4k is gonna give low fps on newer titles. 1440p is the sweet spot for speed and quality, perfect for 2 gpu's.

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chasegarcia1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

On PC, It usually will not be more than 5% for something like this. So I don't believe it one bit. I just think it will be easier for most developers to make great games.

MyDietEqualsGames1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Dude. No. DX12 will not be like any before it. Its basically going to mimic the way consoles do things where software Has lower access to the hardware. Skipping middle men is the best way to increase gains. Personally i can barely stand the wait to see how my 980 takes to this. If sli gains like crazy a 2nd might be in order.

chasegarcia1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Yes, this is going to be like AMD Mantle. I did some research and games do not increase by 50% in performance but, will be much better than DX11 so congrats to MS. This will be good for everybody.

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Hibsboy851305d ago

Is this the case for xbox one?

M1ST4K31305d ago

No, it has been said multiple times (inclusive Phil Spencer, iirc) that this improvement numbers are for PC.

shadowT1305d ago

Only PC and NO Xbox One improvements?

Gamer19821305d ago

Xbox One will get graphical improvements in terms of physics mostly but it won't increase things like frame rates as this DX is more pushed towards the skipping the software side and accessing hardware directly on PC and tablets etc.. Console already has direct access to hardware. For that reason it won't make a difference.

Outthink_The_Room1305d ago


That is entirely inaccurate.

Framerate is mainly affected by the CPU. The ability to open more than simply Core 1 or Thread 0 as the instruction starter means, you're looking at efficiency at roughly a 75% increase itself.

Power is one thing, efficiency is another. DX12 won't just instantly change clock speed by itself. What it will do though, is effectively take advantage of every core the way they should be.

Right now, the way multi-threading is approached, is you have the first core start every operational instruction. So once you reach the limit of the first core, the rest just sit there, practically unused.

DX12 allows for more than just the first core to be an initializer. This means, Core #4 or even Core #6 could start an operation and then hand it off to another core to finish it.

It means, every core can be used to begin instructions. This is literally a game changing approach to multi-threading.

And any multi core processor will see the benefit. Will a PC see more than the XB1? Yes. But to say that DX12 is simply there for metal coding is nonsense.

Coding to the metal is only useful for some instances, not entire frameworks or features. It's a buzzword that's thrown around to make it seem like people are pushing the system harder than it really is being pushed.

Azzanation1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Yeah it will. X1 has a low level API however it doesn't do what DX12 is going to offer (yet) At the moment the X1 is using a modified version of DX11 which only 1 CPU core speaks to 1 GPU core at a time. DX12 will allow the X1 to have multiple cores talk to multiple GPU cores. That's going to make a huge difference, it wont change the hardware but it will allow a lot more processing power. DX12 isn't just about being a low level API.

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jacksons981305d ago

I'd guess it's not going to be relevant for Xbox because Xbox should already be optimized to run with minimal hardware ie the system is already running close to potential especially since they used DDR3 memory. PC will benefit, but will probably be like DX11 where it takes a few years for mass adoption and where developers really start taking advantage of it

Hammtweezy2192 1305d ago

It's already been stated that even the X1 which uses DX11+ currently still is only using limited cores. Additionally DX12 will allow for better memory management and use of the microprocessors on the CUSTOM APU. When DX12 becomes available and used you WILL see what I'm talking about. Many people other than Microsoft have said it's a massive difference on both PC and Xbox.

bubblebobble1304d ago

funny how they say xbox1 will increase by 50% and by a sheer coincidence the ps4 is 50% more powerful think somebody is trying to trick people that it just as powerful because they know there losing the war

VonSchtook1305d ago

The streaming of Xbox One to Windows 10 is pretty damn cool. I can play in bed now!

Gamer19821305d ago

Nice idea just windows 10 tablets (the decent ones at least) are too expensive.

1305d ago
extermin8or1304d ago

last i checked xone doesn't have built in compression hardware for the stream.... so how well this is going to work will likely depend on amount of cpu cores devs needed to run game.