Examining the Value of PlayStation Now

A look at whether PlayStation Now is worth the asking price.

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gangsta_red1303d ago

It'll be a better value once they get PS1 and PS2 games on there. And it'll be the best value if they ever add PS4 games.

BoriboyShoGUN1303d ago

its getting damn close now. 3 months for $45 is not that bad. My only deal is having the PS4 i feel weird going back playing last gen games, unless they're a classic or something.

mindtwang1302d ago

Once the subscription works on Vita it'll be even more appealing to me!

Zenith4k1303d ago

Though I'm in no way rich for me this is good value as I have come from Xbox to ps4 in order to play a list of games iv never played that were exclusive. So I'm looking forward to it.

GNCFLYER1302d ago

It does work on Vita. I've used it several times.