It's Their Game They Can Do What They Want

CheatCC says - "OK, I can’t believe I have to write this article but listen up.

We’ve all be there before. We are talking about, DLC or something and the latest shitty DLC pack that we absolutely HAVE to get on to of a game in order to experience it completely. Yes this is a discussion I had recently and I’m using it for the sake of this article so shut up. You are going back and forth in a healthy round of argument tennis, when somebody steps in and goes, “Well it’s their game isn’t it! They can do whatever they want with it!”

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LoveForGames1336d ago

Another "i want to make the world a better place" article... :/

e-p-ayeaH1336d ago

Exacly developers shouldnt use the internet community to get game ideas. Games should be made from the heart and soul of the developers not from demand.

To bad the developers cant do what they really want to do most of the time.

pixelsword1336d ago

Devs should listen, they shouldn't listen to 90% of the gamers that give advice.

Some of them are just bad at ideas, others want the game to fail. some are just loudmouths with no original ideas other than "nerf all weapons except the one I use" and the rest of that 90% want to give innovative ideas that are either unrealistic or not fun.

The key is past participation. If they've played a previous game the devs made, that's kind of a qualifier; if they actually FINISHED the game, that person might have some useable ideas.

The 10% that do give good ideas, especially on blogs, will chime-in with the staff more so than the bloggers because an insightful statement.

"Ideas" that are above average are often be either lauded or drowned out by hisses and boos from others because in both cases a higher truth has been told, but not anything that makes the devs go "wow, that's pretty good".

So in the end, the developer needs to listen; but the old adage applies:

"To thine own self be true".

WizzroSupreme1336d ago

Not when it comes to fraud and broken products, they shouldn't. If it's a unique, creative twist they want to unleash on us, let 'em. If they want to scoop more money from under the table, then I'm not interested.