Microsoft announces that Universal Apps are coming to the Xbox One with Windows 10

The Windows 10 event is currently underway and Microsoft has just unveiled that Universal Apps will run on the Xbox One.

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DonFreezer1249d ago

This is big. Quite big if you think of it.

BoriboyShoGUN1249d ago

No idea what this is???? Xbox guys clue me in...

Wikkid6661248d ago

One app for multiple platforms.

So a game developer writes code for Windows, but it works on pc, Xbox One, and Windows Phone. So they get a huge ecosystem to sell their games

Consumers pay once and get to enjoy the app on all platforms.

3-4-51248d ago

* Basically for the same one price, developers can have their games on phones, XB1 & PC.

That is HUGE incentive to make a game for anyone of those or all of them.

* PC/Console gamers can play phone games without having to get a phone.

* Phone gamers can play certain special versions of the PC & Console games, obviously with limited controls.

* Expands the number of games available for each platform.

snaggdadon1249d ago

what about games? my ipad has all the app crap popping i barely use it i want my console to have and be about games!!!!

Volkama1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Meh. If it can run on a phone then it isn't that exciting Imo. Certainly not a negative against the console, just not that exciting.

Get to the real gaming stuff!

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