Halo's Cortana Will Run on Windows 10, as Windows 7 and 8 Users Will Get the Upgrade for Free

Microsoft just announced that Halo-born AI Cortana will run on Windows 10.

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gangsta_red1277d ago

Nice, a gentler and kinder MS these day. Just giving away their OS for free (i.e. people who already own Win 8).

None the less that is pretty awesome.

UKmilitia1277d ago

there giving u a year free,so it looks like its gonna be a subscription service to win10.

falviousuk1277d ago


They are giving the OS away for free to users of win 8 and win for a year. After the first year the OS will then go to a normal purchase model.

So those that upgrade within the first year will have it free FOR LIFE, not for a year.
try to understand what was being said instead of spreading rubbish

BitbyDeath1277d ago

Was clarified, it will not be a subscription service.

3-4-51277d ago

* I've had zero problems with Windows 8.1 and I have it on my PC now for 2 years.

* I've yet to experience any of the problems people talk about and it actually runs EVERY game I've played smoothly and efficiently.

It starts up quick, don't even need to mess with the apps BS...I just load up start screen and it's good.

* As far as I can tell, at least 50% of the Windows 8.1 stuff is just made up nonsense that doesn't even occur in reality.

* Fact is, Windows 8.1 runs games smoother than Windows 7.

Super whiners don't want to accept that because THEIR OS is Windows 7....They hate on what they don't have, and don't do research.

* Windows 10 being a Free upgrade is an awesome bonus for both 7&8 users as it gives everyone a chance to upgrade to the same OS at the same time, and all be using the same system.

* I'm guessing this will help dev's in the future who know MOST will be using Windows 10..( if that applies at all).

DragoonsScaleLegends1277d ago

Windows 8 is horribly designed interface and Windows 7 is a better OS for desktop users. Windows 10 so far has been a much better experience than 7 and 8. I wonder if Windows 10 testers will get the final version for free, at least I hope I do so I don't have to install 8 again.

stiggs1277d ago


I agree completely. I have not had one major issue with with Windows 8/8.1 and I have it on 5 devices.

BitbyDeath1277d ago

The issue is Windows 8, you stay on that garbage, I'm moving to win 10 as soon as possible.

rainslacker1277d ago

Call me cynical, but MS doesn't do that kind of stuff unless they have a reason. They want people to be using Win10, and the best way to get people to upgrade is to give it away for free.

I hate to say it, and again, I'm being cynical, but there is something involved with this whole integration of devices thing that MS has to get people on board with that they aren't telling people about that will probably not go over well with the general users of Windows.

The only thing that I can think of off the top of my head is that they are going to go into a massive push to promote their live ecosystem to make it into something more akin to Apple's approach to software distribution while they lock up the users into something they don't want to give up due to their investment involved with it.

It's not all evil or anything to do such a thing, nor do I wish people to read my comment that way, but it isn't something MS does unless they see a huge potential gain in the long term.

gangsta_red1277d ago

I agree, it's a business and I think that is exactly what they are trying to do.

I never meant for my comment to appear as if MS is doing this out of the kindness of their heart. They want their users in a unified ecosystem like you stated, they are going the Apple and Google route.

They are just making that transition a lot more accessible to their users, as to what they would have done three or four years ago.

rainslacker1277d ago (Edited 1277d ago )

I didn't think you were being fanboyish. I didn't mean to imply that. Just making conversation.

I missed the conference due to work, and so far the only thing I haven't been able to ascertain is if they are going with a subscription model for Win10 or not. There is a lot of speculation and assumption on both sides to make it hard to determine with the few minutes I've had to look into it. There's also the fact there is speculation on what exactly the paid service is for, and what happens if you don't pay. I'm looking for quotes directly from MS right now, but google can be a cruel mistress on hot topics giving you a lot of fluff in the process.

I'm trying not to have a knee-jerk reaction to the possibility of a sub service though. If anything I hope they make a one time version available(assuming it's a sub model)...particularly since I get those free from MSDN anyhow.:)

If it's a sub model though, then that's why they'd be pushing it for free for win7/8 users. Long term gain from that would be huge.

If it's available to use free after the year is up, then awesome. I can live with the Live(not XBL specifically...there is a difference) ecosystem myself, it's not terrible, although I find it rather useless for the way I use computing devices outside of hotmail.

Overall, Ms has been pushing this integration thing for a while. They kind of failed at it with Metro IMO, but the premise is sound, and honestly, long overdue on MS devices/OS's. Google tries but doesn't have the big OS to back it up, and Apple tries but is too costly to be worth the effort of their restrictive policies in general. MS may be able to strike a nice balance there, as they generally don't overprice their consumer OS's or products, and for all their faults they do have wonderful integration in their productivity products overall.

Viryu1277d ago

I have an over 5 years old laptop and I was thinking about changing. I'm not going to make the same mistake I did with my current one, when I bought it with Vista, and Win7 was soon to be released. Gonna wait out till Win10 now.

Fireseed1277d ago

That's huge! Giving away a free upgrade to the biggest gaming platform in the world. Would be pretty funny if people didnt think that wasn't big enough to be considered gaming related.

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KingPin1277d ago

something tells me the pirates will have a better version of windows 10 than honest consumers.

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