Top 7 Fixes for Resident Evil HD Remaster Crash, Error, Freeze, Stuttering, 4K Resolution, FPS Cap

Resident Evil HD Remaster was recently launched on Steam but users complain of crashes, freezing, errors, and performance issues. Here are the best fixes.

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WizzroSupreme1304d ago

This is why I think I've had enough of RE 1 for a lifetime.

Dante811304d ago

I had to use the ini to get it to run in fullscreen and change graphics settings. In-game, any change to those settings would result in a crash. Now, this is simple stuff and you get used to it in the PC landscape, but it's still a hassle.

Activemessiah1304d ago

Moral of the story? Play it on the PS1.

Elda1304d ago

Imo play it on the latest consoles.

Mikeyy1303d ago

I got the PC version and I'm going to go get the ps4 version also. The PC version is a mess and the benefits do NOT outweigh the annoyances.

First of all the controls are horrific on keyboard and mouse but at least you can customize those, switch to your controller of choice and you find out you can only use the presets that only work with a 360 controller. I plugged my ps4 controller in only to find out it works but some of the buttons are backwards. X and o are reversed as well as the triggers. I have to use r1 and l1 to aim and shoot instead of my triggers. I wish windows would official support the ps4 controller i hate the feel of the 360 controller.

I played in 1080p which is great but the only thing that looks good in this game is the character models. There is zero benefit to playing in 60 fps. The game feels no different. Which is also why I'm getting the ps4 version so I can enjoy it better. The PC version has 5 second frame rate problems something fierce at random times then clears up.

The 2d backdrops are ugly as sin. They look more like paintings then actual rooms.

Never had a crash though.

Go for comfort with this game there is hardly a meaningful graphical benifit playing the PC version. And it comes with a hefty comfort loss.