Microsoft Reveals Augmented Reality HMD, Suggests Xbox One Support

VRFocus- For the past year there has been a steady supply of rumours and reports that Microsoft is working with virtual reality (VR) technology. That speculation has been spurred on by the company itself at times. While a reveal of such a device is still yet to come, Microsoft has dropped a major teaser for its own head-mounted display (HMD) at a recent media briefing, although it currently looks more along the lines of augmented reality (AR).

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christocolus1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

woah... i need to know more. is that age of empires they playing?

also this

ABizzel11185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

This is pretty much what I thought it would be, AR based and not full VR. From the image it seems like MS AR device is pretty much a free camera viewer rather than a full VR device.

But I'm not to sure about the validity of this image. It looks photoshopped and cheaply put together at that. You can see outside of the window (why would they have that in promotion footage / material), the headset / goggles looks like a cheap photocopied Master Chief visor, and the set for Ryse literally looks like a layer from photoshop on top of the actual image.

Basically it all looks cheaply put together for such a reveal.


It's Ryse, Marcus is on the arm of the couch.

pinkcrocodile751184d ago


Your comment clearly completely missed the point of the whole project.

This isn't about gaming, this isn't anything to do with a rival to Morpheus or Oculus Rift.

To take Windows 10 from a screen and integrate it into your life has SO many applications and almost limitless possibilitie in the real world and for businesses as well as personal use.

To have a video conference, show what you are looking at and discuss floor plans as an example and collaborate is monumental.

The applications for use are amazing!

Get your blinkers off and consider how this can be used by everyone who DOESN'T like or want to play games. You know the people who actually use a computers properly instead of playing with them.... Just a thought

andibandit1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

"..AR based and not full VR.."


hint, it's not suppose to be full VR....

Charybdis1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Interesting that holographic support will be baked into windows 10. not very surprising that they were working on this tech as project was already rumoured under fortaleza codename. can't wait to try it until then it might be a good idea to remain skeptic. gaming wise think it would offer a nice additional features for graphical effects and hud displays.
Though nothing as immerse as vr sets such as occulus and morpheus etc. can provide

ABizzel11184d ago

@PinkCrocodile75, @andibandit

Did you not see my comment was made over a day ago, which was before the Windows 10 reveal, which is why my comment had nothing in regards to the actual device, but specifically the validity of the image in the article.

Which again looks nothing like the final copy, besides being somewhat goggle based.

Proceed to have several seats

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3-4-51185d ago

That pic definitely reminds me of the title screen to Age of Empires 1.

Speaking of

Gamer19821185d ago

This is like HD/DVD vs Blu-ray all over again as they both going in two differnt directions for the future of VR.. AR vs VR the bigger backing is clearly for VR so its brave MS once again go against the grain.. I like the difference makers however by now you would think they would have learned. Zune, HD-DVD,, Bing to name a few. They keep beating that last dead horse.. Its making there top dogs nervous no doubt.

However they may be room for both this time around as AR will be very good for businesses.. I seriously doubt you can do many great games with the tech. VR however is great for games and it's why Sony is making Morpheus for the PS4. MS hasn't even confirmed this is going to support Xbox One (just suggested it may to no doubt boost sales) as I think not even they are confident it will work well in games.

bmf73641185d ago

The difference between this and the format war is that HD DVD was not capable of the same capacity and latency as Blu-Rays. Support was also a big factor, yes. But right now the focus is on which company can get what technology working better now.

dcbronco1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

This may not work that well for games. There could definitely be some survival horror uses. But when it comes to business, this easily beats VR. Many gamers on this site forget or don't get that business use allows for cheap gaming use. Look at Azure. Developers get free dedicated servers and cloud compute. I'm sure partly because compute is new, but mostly because the 500,000 servers being used for business rent at a premium.

I do think where VR will excel commercially will be in entertainment. Not just games. If NASA put a 360 degree camera on a rover or a space ship. Even a satellite. Or Virtual GoPro for sports. Imagine one of those 70 foot skateboard ramps on VR or on the nose of a plane. Fun and barf bags.

Commercially there are tons of uses for AR. Not as much for VR. AR allows you to still se things around you. AR allows a firefighter to see information on his arm and interact with it. Professors in an engineering class or science class can have 3D models for studies. Those same things would work in the field. Doctors could discuss and manipulate a 3D heart made from a MRI scan before surgery and defer to the scan during the procedure. AR can be a major commercial tool. Some of the same things can be done with VR but losing your sight is too high a price when some uses will still require mobility.

andibandit1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

This isnt really for games, look at the picture of a girl doing plumbing in this article:

You'll also understand why this is no good in full VR.

Fatal-Aim1185d ago

Put a camera on the back of morpheus and you have the best of both worlds. Problem solved.

vita does it effortlessly, so why can't morpheus?

kstuffs1184d ago

The Morpheus requires a computer or a console. The HoloLens is self-contained that does not require any pc or console.

Fatal-Aim1184d ago

@ kstuffs

So where do they stick the game at silly boy? they show you what the device looks like without an XB1 game running on it. That doesn't mean it doesn't use the system though. This is also where kinect 2.0 will be used (body tracking), which they did not show.

xx4xx1185d ago

Possibly. Microsoft spud recently but the Age of Empires IP.

nowitzki20041185d ago

The problem with this is that we are all still waiting for this....

frostypants1184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Color me skeptical. MS has done little to win consumers confidence in recent years. They make great PR for their upcoming big ideas, but they never meet their promises.

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crazychris41241185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I was hoping for VR tech then whatever this is. Ill wait for more details but this augmented reality doesnt do much for me.

Ill be watching all VR tech (oculus, sony, microsoft) closely since I just bought n assembled my racing wheel with a stand. Pair that with virtual reality n holy crap its gonna feel like im actually driving a supercar.

PraxxtorCruel1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

But will it actually come out this gen? Not that I've been following AR/VR tech closely but I get this feeling that it's still far from ready to be released.

playstation4epic1185d ago

Project Morpheus will probably come out 2016 so...

IcicleTrepan1184d ago

MS has been working on AR for years and they've finally officially announced this. They also said it would be released in the windows 10 time frame. It's not an exact date, but Win 10 comes out in 2015.

It would not surprise me if we saw this late 2015/early 2016.

Alsybub1185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

I think you're right. While I do think that this is a really cool concept, I can't imagine it being a key part of my gaming agenda. It's the kind of thing that I would like to experience but can't see myself wanting much more than that.

Oculus is still the best bet at the moment. Something that any game can be adapted to work with; not just specific software that needs to be made for the device. I'm sure that Morpheus will be a great product too but I feel that Sony could be better off partnering on Oculus and having a product that can earn them money from multiple platforms and draw more developers over to PS4 that otherwise would have stuck to PC; everybody wins, Sony gets more software on PS4 and Oculus would get to use the Sony brand.

IcicleTrepan1184d ago

Man some people have such limited imaginations that they cannot see the potential for this.

BallsEye1185d ago

I played a lot of Oculus (our local gamer bar where you can get wasted and play games has it) and while it's cool it get's really annoying fast and the image quality is not that great. The main problem is the huge thing you have to wear and the fact you are disconnected from the outside world, which may lead to lot of issues and was proven veru unhealthly (that's why VR was not sold anymore for so long, played my first one on wolfenstein 3D). I think enhancing what we see by using AR is the future. All the huds etc in games, the cool map in division, that's all future of Augmented Reality. Really can't wait to try it out! Hope it will be real deal, not some gimmick.

ThinkThink1185d ago

It's kind of smart actually. Leave VR to Oculus on Windows 10 and Xbox one and have your own augmented reality for those not interested in VR. Both bases covered.

t-hall7851185d ago

Exactly. If we can stream our games to our pc's now then occulus should be compatible. So let sony play with morpheus while we will be able to use the real deal soon enough. Honestly idk about any of it. I don't want to wear a helmet to play games. My Astro A40's are already enough

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SmokingMonkey1185d ago

The Vita and the 3DS do this type of AR, remember this;

These AR table/floor games look cool, but lack any real gameplay.

Really cool for board games though.

KionicWarlord2221185d ago

This sounding like fortaleza.


Miserxmedia shall be happy.

mezati991185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )

the stream is embarrassingly awkward so far

Dudebro901185d ago (Edited 1185d ago )


Not even a little. Its been all business. How is that awkward?

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