New Thunderforce Is Coming Soon

What an excellent week it's been for classic game fans! The DS gets a new (release of) Chrono Trigger, the Wii gets a new 8-bit Mega Man, and now this! NeoGAF's neo2046 noticed an update to Thunder Force developer Tecnosoft's website stating that a new entry in the longstanding shmup series is on the way. The WHOIS data for indicates that the domain has been in the possession of a Japanese company since 1996, and shows previous TecnoSoft webpages in that space, so this seems legit.

There's very little information on the barebones site -- in fact, you're looking at all of it -- so Wii Fanboy don't know which platform or platforms TecnoSoft is planning to release the game on. But it's a shooter, and the Wii is where shooters go this generation. TecnoSoft would be able to release classic Genesis Thunder Force games on the Virtual Console to promote it.

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Zhuk3696d ago

Thunderforce 5 and Gold Pack on Sega Saturn was undoubtedly classic titles, I look forward to playing this latest iteration but Only if it comes to Xbox 360 where it belongs

360degrees3696d ago

well said..bubbles + and agrees

thereapersson3696d ago

Are you seriously retarded, or do you just put on the act for the internet?

freakyzeeky3696d ago

Thunderforce! I love this shmup! :D

thereapersson3696d ago

This is an awesome shmup series. If anyone here never got the chance to play Thunder Force V on the PSone, now is the time to find a used copy and play it. It's a great game, and worthy of any shmup fan's game library.

Potty Scotty3696d ago

I don't care where it comes. This is fantastic news.

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