USA Pre-Order Charts, 10th January 2015

Top 5 games:
1 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS) 191,656
2 The Order 1886 (PS4) 182,567
3 Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4) 164,736
4 Halo 5: Guardians (XOne) 160,307
5 Dying Light (PS4) 159,165

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Foehammer1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It's kind of funny when #3 and #4 don't even have a release date.

Edit @Applejack, ok, then it's kind of funny that #4 doesn't even have a release date.

#2 doesn't surprise me, it was suppose to release in September 2014.

Applejack1342d ago

It was already announced that Arkham Knight is releasing June 2.

Mechanism1342d ago

You think we don't know what you're getting at with that comment? What's funnier, is that 6/10 of this top 10 are PS4...

OrangeCrush1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Don't really understand why that is funny. When a game people want goes up for pre-order, they pre-order it. Since you don't get charged until it actually ships, it makes no sense NOT to pre-order it as soon as its available for pre-order, especially if your going for a limited edition. Why would the release date make any difference? It would be a different story if people actually got charged at the time of order, but they don't. So again, why wouldn't you get your order in asap?

Personally, I pre ordered Halo 5 during Best Buys B2G1 sale last month. Picked up Rise of the Tomb Raider, Quantum Break, and Halo 5, all for $96 bucks. I never pre order games, but that B2G1 sale by Best Buy was just too damn good to pass up. You basically got the 20% GCU discount coupled with a B2G1 and on pre orders no less. You don't see sales like that very often at all. I also pre-ordered Crackdown, Evolve and Dying Light for $96 as well.

kingbain901342d ago

Wait, wait, wait...... b2g1 sales work on unreleased games? WTF! I COULD GET MKX, HALO 5 AND QUANTUM BREAK FOR THE PRICE OF 2!!!!!

Kingdomcome2471342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

The Last Guardian is even funnier. I have to hand it to the people, though. Their optimism and persistence is admirable.

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DarkOcelet1342d ago

Good to see The Order is at no.2. I believe it will sell well.

Jaqen_Hghar1342d ago

The fud campaign has been strong but each trailer looks better. A man can't wait!

OculusRift1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Not to sound creepy, but every time I read one of your comments.. I just love how you never break character.

BRING ON THE GAMES! I can't wait to play some of these NEW GAMES!

(Unfortunately, I will be renting from gamefly.. I can't afford to buy all these games this gen and it's cheaper too.. 3 games at $66.51 a pop = 200 vs 1 year of gamefly's unlimited rentals = $105)..

Ninver1342d ago

A man is always on point with his comments.

Kingdomcome2471342d ago

This man thinks that the last trailer for The Order launch was impeccable. Although you can go back through my comment history and see that my confidence in the game never once wavered in the slightest.

Nekroo911342d ago

I hope so, but i think it will suffer from the single player only. Like wolfenstein, great game but people usually trade it in when they end the story.

But im looking for the platinium throphy in this one

DarkOcelet1342d ago

Did Dead Space suffer from being SP only?
Did The Evil Within suffer from being SP only?
Did anyone buy Tomb Raider for its crappy mp, actually the mp made the game suffer more lol.
Did Bioshock suffer from being SP only?
Did anyone buy The Last of Us for MP?
Not every game needs mp, lets just see how the game will play, because we know nothing, it could have upgradable elements like RE4 or Dead Space, it could have excellent replay value with tons of unlockables. So lets just wait.

insomnium21342d ago


I get your point but you should check out TLOU online. Imo it is the best game there is online and offline.

Kingdomcome2471342d ago

@DarkOcelet- Nein. A few of those are among my last gen favorites. Heck Bioshock 1 is my all time favorite with TLOU being top 5. I'm a single player narrative driven guy through and through.

Chevalier1342d ago

I wonder if those same people complaining about The Order not having MP will show up and complain about Quantum Break and maybe even Tomb Raider not having MP as well. Also don't forget the complaints about QTE's yet no complaints about QTE's in both Quantum Break and Tomb Raider.

WeAreLegion1342d ago

I wasn't aware Monster Hunter was that popular in the US.

Ilovetheps41342d ago

Me either. I love Monster Hunter games, but I thought it was more of a niche game. I can't wait for it to come out though. I bought the New 3DS with the MH skin.

LAWSON721342d ago

I tried the demo today and I just don't see the big deal after trying it out.

jholden32491342d ago

It's like any other deep and challenging game- 10 minutes on a demo doesn't cut it. Nobody "gets it" after just one quick demo hunt or else the entire world would be converts by now. You have to really dig into the game to understand what it's true appeal is.

The appeal of a real hunt, where you don't know where the monster is, or where it's hiding ready to jump out from the treetops, or if an even bigger monster is going to crash the party and eat both you and your prey for dinner, where every dodge must be timed to the millisecond or you could get one shotted, where you eat, breathe, live combat and learning the animation frames, ever pushing boundaries of what you can get away with- the thrill of having 10 minutes left and you haven't even got the monster limping yet, and you think there's no chance in heck you're going to be able to kill him before the time limit runs out but you're gonna try, the thrill of finally taking down a monster, carving them up and wearing them as a fashion statement, then using that armor to take on an even more powerful beast...

The addiction of progress. Unlike traditional RPGs and leveling, you progress through crafting real, tangible armor and weapon upgrades. You earn it. Every last bit of it. And you stand tall with your fellow hunters as you play your role and do it well, and they know they can count on you when it matters most.

It's a heck of a game... no, it's the best game, but you'll never know it unless you dig in.

I bought MH3U and sunk 3 hours into it and lost interest. It wasn't until my coworker finally bought a Wii U after incessantly harping on about Monster Hunter for months on end, that I decided to give it another go, online where he could show me the ropes. And that's all it took, was a little more play time and BAM!!! It sinks it's claws into you and doesn't let go. 600 hours and several missed workdays later...

WeAreLegion1342d ago

To be honest, I don't, either. It's just too slow for me. I'm fine with turn-based combat and real-time combat, but Monster Hunter is real-time in slow motion. I don't get it.

killerluffy1231342d ago

yea it usually dont ,but its MH4U , and its said to be bigger and better .

brotherlymoses1342d ago

Halo 5? Lol it's still a long ways away. The beta was really good so I can see why people are preordering it.

kingbain901342d ago

Feel bad for the people that may be let down by a new ip.
Ppl love some batman I just don't understand it lol
Halo is super popular 10 months away and 4th in preorder...damn. I love halo but no way in hell am I preordering a game a year away. Plus im waiting to see about the LE

DeadlyOreo1342d ago

Nice pathetic trolling attempt there. Well done, your parents must be proud.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1342d ago

I feel bad for the people who are pre ordering Halo 5. A game from scrappy 343 who've ruined Halo.

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