5 Unannounced Games We Know Are Coming

Elliot Fin of Entertainment Buddha writes: "When it comes to unannounced games, there are certain titles that have achieved an almost mythical status."

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Relientk771123d ago

I need Dishonored 2 so bad

Beyond Good & Evil 2 also

saftalo1123d ago

beyond good an evil was amazing,still is.fuking ubisoft,only cares about the money

xabmol1123d ago

I can see all of the games listed here being made and relesed except for BG&E... >_>

Really though, just give me The Last Guardian PLEASE!!

...and Mirrors Edge 2.

But most of all TLG!!!

SolidGear31123d ago

Mirrors Edge 2 was announced at E3

xabmol1123d ago

Yeah, lots of things are announced that never see an actual release. TLG for example.

kalkano1123d ago

There's potential for a lot of Fallout fans to be very disappointed, when Bethesda announces their next game...

Cra2yey31123d ago

I need fallout 4, even a spinoff fallout on ps4

CyrusLemont1123d ago

It's kind of exciting that games we were expecting to be last gen releases that we saw awesome targeted footage for are now likely going to be on PS4/X1. It's likely it'll look like the target footage if not better.

I really hope this gen revitalises the open world/platforming space/science fiction area. Just think about the stuff we'll inevitably be seeing;

- Star Wars video games
- Cyberpunk 2077
- New Mass Effect
- Star Citizen
- No Man's Sky

Going to be sooooooooo sick.

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