More eco rubbish from Greenpeace

Bruceongames writes: "You would think that the eco fascists would have enough to keep themselves occupied in the world these days without bothering with the video game industry. But no, they don't. And the simple reason they don't is that most of what eco fascists do is to garner self publicity."

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Bruceongames3732d ago

A Greenpeace supporter that doesn't like criticism perhaps?
Or maybe anti Nintendo gamers who like the Greenpeace criticism?

For me any unelected body that attacks gaming without cause needs defending against. Surely we are all gamers together, and Greenpeace are attacking all of us.

pwnsause3731d ago

you have 5 disagrees, no one likes you, you flame too much, go home

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socomnick3731d ago

wow you fanboys sure do swarm.

Damphear3731d ago


is a group of people that are paid to say the world is sick and dying.

yet they do nothing

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ruibing3731d ago

Bruce should keep his opinions on games. Until you start recycling everything without fail, attempt to pick up trash that you see on the streets when its possible, and drive a hybrid car, you're just a hypocrite that just talks too much.

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socomnick3731d ago

Reading the comments above me made me think. I was thinking that the internet should require an iq test and a age limit. An internet with less children and retards would be a golden age of intranetz.

Millah3731d ago Show
socomnick3731d ago

Millah I applaud you for taking initiative in your live. Continue with your education and good things will happen. This is all fine and dandy but I still got a question why don't you act your age then. If you do enjoy acting like a twit then at least take it to the open zone.

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ChickeyCantor3732d ago

those fishes in the picture...are not smiling....why =(.....?

Perverted3731d ago

They are just a wee bit tired and could go with a nice bath! Then they'll be smiling again! They're definably not dead!

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Mr Marbles3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

everyone is picking on gaming just for political points, just great, now even the enviro do gooders are getting a piece. Just what we need, first Jack T. now Al Gore, well they can both ESAD for all I care. OK maybe not the die part, but certainly they can eat sh%t.

LeonSKennedy4Life3731d ago

Al Gore says, "That's actually probably a good idea...eating our own feces."

American Press says, "NOBEL PRIZE!!!"

"Seriously?" -God

SaiyanFury3731d ago

No I agree with the "die" part. The world would be better off without political opportunists like Al Gore and morons like Jack Thompson.

Bruceongames3731d ago

You put it so much more eloquently than me.
As gaming becomes more profile more people attack it. Either because they are ignorant or because they have their own axe to grind. The British Prime Minister blamed gaming for knife crime, as has The Edge from U2. Idiots.
Greenpeace are just using the popularity of gaming to get publicity and funds for themselves. The Wii actually uses far less electricity than most other consoles so has a smaller carbon footprint. Greenpeace didn't tell you that.
If you want to help save the planet one of the best things to do is turn your TV and console off at the wall socket when you are not gaming. On standby they are still using electricity to do nothing.


"eco rubbish" this is our planet for god sake...those right wing basTURDS hate their own planet..i would expect coming from a martian or sumthing

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