Resident Evil HD Remastered Review - BootHammer

Resident Evil is the reason we have survival horror games today. The original masterpiece started this amazing genre and it's where you should look if you want to see how to effectively build suspense and terror. The GameCube received an incredible remake back in 2002. Can this latest remaster reignite the flame for this classic? - BootHammer

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ContraCode1304d ago

Now let's see a RE2 remaster!

BootHammer1304d ago

That would be awesome. STARRRSSS...nemesis was terrifying.

WizzroSupreme1304d ago

RE 1 gets more love than it deserves and clunky remasters like this show how much it's aged. I'd way prefer an RE 2, even 3 remastered, personally.

BootHammer1304d ago

That would be great, a Remastered Trilogy Bundle =)