Gamestop Italy reveals the new european Dying Light's retail release date

Following the mysterious delay, the italian retailer has revealed the new european release date for Techland's Dying Light: 20th february.

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CocoWolfie1218d ago

20th of Feb if you dont wanna click :3

FeliceDiGi1218d ago

A shot from the Gamestop site.

tigertron1217d ago

The Order 1886 will be out then, so I guess I will be cancelling my pre-order.

PowerPlayaaa1217d ago

This is the weirdest game launch ever :-/
Im going to cancel my pre-order.
The order 1886 FTW

mike32UK1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I hate to agree with you but I do. First it was delayed, then they removed a feature of the game and sold it off as a preorder incentive then the only place in the UK actually selling the be the zombie edition (amazon) sold out... And now this . WOWZA

FeliceDiGi1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Also reported on g-light-physical-release-set-f o r-february-20-says-gamestop-it aly/

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