Ahead of its Time: The Fall of Max Payne 2

Taking place two years after the events detailed in the original, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne finds the titular character living in squalor, still tragically broken by the murders of his wife and infant daughter and shuffling numbly through his days as a New York City Police Department detective.

Stumbling upon a vicious murder carried out by a gang of rogue industrial cleaners, Max finds himself drawn into a twisted conspiracy swirling around a Russian gangster, a low-level Italian mafioso, his icy partner, his violence-prone lover and a secret society known as the Inner Circle.

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sonarus3662d ago

Max payne was the first game i played last gen. It almost made me buy an Xbox over a PS2. Then i found out it was also on the PS2. Also found out it ran better on the Xbox not like i cared about such things anyway

360degrees3662d ago

It was a great concept and all, but had huge flaws...Wasn't it hilarious how the dog could attack on command and never sustain any damage to itself whatsoever in it's attack LOL

sonarus3662d ago

I think you are confusing Max payne with dead to rights. I too also thought dead to rights was meh. Max payne on the other hand was mad nice

360degrees3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

your right it was dead to rights mistake

BIoodmask3662d ago

was awesome. I really wish Remedy would make a sequel. But I doubt it is coming any time soon bc they are working on Alan Wake.

I really liked the comic book style cut scenes. It was an interesting art direction.

sonarus3662d ago

It was awesome. Everything about that game i found awesome. I think rockstar is already working on it though. I hope it isn't crap thoug

DarkRayneRules3661d ago

Maybe, just maybe they are going to be like ubisoft, create a original ip to test the water (assassins creed) then go back to their series (prince of persia). In that case I hope Alan Wake is really good and does well on the market, if they make some good mullah they might just give us Max Payne 3. They could use the same engine and add on it and whatever. Here's hoping. :) Max Payne was awesome. I was late to the game, but it still kicks butt even if it is last gen. Either way I can't wait for Alan Wake. It looks pretty sweet. I hope every other game using bullet time won't put Remedy off bringing Max Payne back. Since bullet time is pretty old hat and cliche now. I don't care though... bullet time is awesome. :) REMEDY rules!

Cartesian3D3662d ago

but they were too short..

hope to see the third in series , normal Aiming speed in bullet-time mode was awesome ..:P

physics , ghraphics ,visual effects ,gameplay ... all of them were top-notch

Mcrmarcher3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I never played the second max payne game only the first, i always wanted to try the second seeing as i loved the first, the story in that game was brilliant and it was told well. Not to mention a few wtf moments, but i wish they would make a next gen version cus i would buy. I have some hope seeing as there making a max payne movie, if it turns out well maybe they will make a new one, i can only hope.

I strongly agree with bloodmask, the comic book cutscenes were good they were a change, the music was excellent to, it really helped the game come alive it set the atmosphere, Dam i want another max payne game. Bubbles bloodmask =)

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The story is too old to be commented.