Alien: Isolation Sells Over One Million Copies

The incredibly hardcore survival horror game has now received both critical acclaim and commercial success.

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lelo2play1035d ago (Edited 1035d ago )

Considering that Alien: Isolation was released on 4 consoles and the PC, one million copies is not that much... however, if they made a profit on the game then congrats.

jackanderson19851035d ago

also considerably slower than alien colonial marines which is very sad to see, once bitten twice shy and all that i'd guess

vishmarx1035d ago

colonial marines was like 1,5 m in two weeks.

oh btw the evil within sold in surplus of 3 million, excluding digital sales

MasterCornholio1035d ago

That just makes me so angry. First Gearbox wrecks colonial marines and then people are scared to buy Alien Isolation even though it's a real Aliens game.

Thats really horrible to see happen.

spacedelete1035d ago

@vishmarx how on earth did Evil Within sell 3 m ? its a terrible terrible game. i guess most sales were from next gen as gamers were desperate for a game to play.

mgszelda11035d ago

It sucks that games like this or bioshock infinite sell so little, but madden sells millions

opoikl1035d ago

I'd happily buy Bioshock Infinite if it were released on next gen..

ValKilmer1035d ago

Well-deserved! Sega really took the criticism of Colonial Marines to heart and proved a great Alien game instead of doing more shovelware which they easily could have done.

MasterCornholio1035d ago

It was the passion of Creative Assembly's developers to bring us a true survival horror Aliens game that did that. I knew the game would be good when I saw that many of the developers were real fans if the first movie.

MasterCornholio1035d ago

I bought one of them last week. Can't wait to play a real Alien game.

mike32UK1035d ago

Deserves way more! Joint favourite game of mine for last year, that along with Far Cry 4

Ashunderfire861035d ago

This was my game of the year for 2014. It deserves more! I am also glad that they are thinking about making a sequel.

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