Five Facts Gamers Love to Know About The Crew

The Crew is a curious beast: operating within a scaled-down yet comprehensive reimagining of America, it’s a racing game that fuses all the best parts of your typical RPG with the octane-heavy thrills of arcade racers

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WeAreLegion1307d ago

You uh... You seem to give gamesrec articles some pretty big compliments. You wouldn't happen to work for them, would you?

buckfuddy1307d ago Show
WeAreLegion1307d ago (Edited 1307d ago )

No idea what you're talking about. Haha.

You joined N4G 21 hours ago? You're clearly a second account.

guideman1307d ago

well, i dont know buh i didnt like this game very much really...

buckfuddy1307d ago

Honestly i didnt like crew . played the beta kinda like some silly racing game tho .

MilkMan1307d ago

I can appreciate what they wanted to do and really I "see" and played all the stuff they mention in this article. But the fact of the matter is that although the game is technically sound its robotic for lack of a better word.
It lacks souls and the fun factor simply isn't there.
I saw the potential though and its a crying shame.

Look if Drive Club can get their asses in gear I'm sure these game could also, I just think they don't have the know how and Ubisoft helping them? Thats the blind leading the blind.