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Gameliner writes:"Just over seven years ago, developer CD Projekt RED the first part of The Witcher for the PC. For a complete new series is always difficult to draw the attention of the large crowd, but they had my attention. And frankly, that was not directly by the game itself, but by the special edition of the game, with a cool T-shirt and a figurine. That was not even a figurine of the main character Geralt, but a small statue of the logo which was then in the front of the case."

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Bansai1275d ago

It's about that 35 min video everyone saw, pointless article

joab7771275d ago

Everyone complained that Dragon Age was a Skyrim rip off and the open world was pointless. While I disagree, and think that it is as pointless as Skyrim's was, I appreciate the story, the party and it's members, the insane lore etc. My issue with the game was more difficulty related, but nightmare with friendly fire fixed that. And Skyrim was insanely easy. You could max out every Stat and hold every position, even if it made no sense.

So, enter the Witcher 3. Similar to Bioware in its ability to craft an amazing story, it will attempt to rip off Skyrim as well lol! It's story will be 2nd to none. And I am actually confident that it's open world will be better too. My only worry is again combat and difficulty.

Many ppl complained that the Witcher 2 was too hard, and often open world games tend to be easy and focus on exploration. I really hope they found a way to make a challenging game that remains so throughout, while maintaining the ability to go anywhere and do anything. It's very difficult but imo there's no better rpg devs out there today.

I am so damn looking forward to this game.

VaporShalashaska1275d ago

I hate the idea of calling games rip-offs, just because they have similar mechanics to other games. In my opinion it is a quite short-sighted argument. Greatness comes from standing on the shoulders of predecessors and having vision and passion for your project. I agree with you, I think the story will be very good in The Witcher 3, I am loving the books too at the moment. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes reading and is interested in knowing more about the lore and characters.

I am a sucker for hard games, so I am also hoping that they will handle the difficulty well. A few facts about the difficulty: There is no scaling, enemies have static difficulties. This means that there will be areas that are really deadly if you decide to rush into unknown land. You can of course also pick from a few difficulty settings, like in earlier games, so hopefully every game will be able to get the experience they desire, whether it is focused on the story or a "skin of the teeth" survival challenge.

I had a lot of fun with TW1 and the Full Combat Rebalance on the hardest difficulties, so hopefully there will also be mods to further augment the experience for multiple playthroughs :) Sorry for the long post, I hope it wasn't a blabbering mess.

billybehr1275d ago

It's interesting nonetheless to read the article and how it written word for word when translated to English.

Regardless, I'm excited for this game!