Amiibo wave 3 - closer look at Toon Link, Sheik, Lucario, Bowser and Ike

The guys over at Gaming Boulevard got their hands on some of the third wave Amiibo figurines.

They show Toon Link, Sheik, Lucario, Bowser and Ike

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antikbaka1301d ago

don't get all this amiibo hype. For me it's just a way to leech more money from fans, everything you can do with these figures can be done through simple coding.

BionicRogue211301d ago

Does anyone know how I can get Lucario? Toys R Us still doesn't show them available...

DivineAssault 1301d ago

i wonder if target will sell Rosalina at the store itself.. The website says "not sold in stores" but who knows? I refuse to pay scalpers a dime so i might have to miss out on that one... I pre ordered the others though.. Just in case because i FN work! I dont have time to sit by my phone or computer waiting for something that sells out in a hour