Phil Spencer: Windows 10 Event Will Have Cool Stuff For Xbox, Looking For Feedback After The Show

Today's Windows 10 event could have more than its share of announcements.

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-Foxtrot1055d ago



You have my full attention :)

RiseofScorpio1055d ago

Well at least you're interested in something Xbox related.

-Foxtrot1055d ago

I'm always interested in the games, there is no reason to ever be against them.

Microsoft however and what they've been like....totally different story

Good game developers should never be punished for what console they are on.

Barnaby-Jones1055d ago

I'd be so hyped if they revealed Conker at this event; I need a new Conker game in my life!

christocolus1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Today is actually squirrel appreciation day ,


I think rares tweet is about that.conker imo will not be shown at this event but there will definitely be other great xbox stuff to look forward to.

Dudebro901055d ago

Dont expect game announcements, more on the line of features.

E3 is for games

MasterCornholio1055d ago

Don't forget about other major gaming conventions like TGS and Gamescom. Also never rule out the fact that Microsoft may have an Xbox experience as well.


Testfire1055d ago

I kinda agree, but way to shit on peoples parade.

I_am_Batman1055d ago

Can't watch the stream :(

I've seen like 2 minutes of the stream with 17 minutes of buffering in between. CNET worked for a while but they have technical issues too. Why can't MS provide a stable stream?

Dudebro901055d ago

Refresh and don't go full screen

XanderZane1055d ago

Have you tried Microsoft's own site? It's been running pretty much perfectly on their site. Screw CNET.

I_am_Batman1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Yeah. That's where I started. But It runs nowhere near perfectly fine on my end. It buffers every 5 seconds or so. Ustream mirror worked the best for me but now it is on an endless buffer from the ms stream though (the ustream stream is running fine). That has happened once before then the mirror streamer refreshed the site and everything worked fine. Looks like he's afk or fell asleep this time though cause the endless buffer is going on for 15 min now.

No other stream works for me. I'm giving up on it for now.

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