No Man's Sky Preview: The Joy Of Limitless Exploration Beckons | PSXextreme

PSXextreme writes:"Due to the increasingly instant-gratification nature of video games (and indeed, of all forms of entertainment), we’re losing our capability to appreciate more cerebral elements. The thrill of exploration and adventure isn’t rooted in shock and titillation. In fact, as a child searches for creepy-crawlies beneath rocks in the creek, the virtual traveler should be fascinated in what he finds. It’s not about constant battle or endless drama; it’s about creating a singular, memorable experience. And that’s precisely what Hello Games set out to do with the insanely ambitious No Man’s Sky."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

I remember playing Starflight on Sega Genesis as a child discovering the planets, searching for resources, having encounters with alien races, and I really enjoyed it for what it was at the time. I believe that No Man's Sky, especially with the limitless potential of procedural generation, will be the 21st century space exploration game that I've been craving for almost 25 years.