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Like Snake's old cardboard box, much of the game is only here for fan-service - novelty and nostalgia purposes; it really goes above and beyond in that respect. However, if the game's humour and drama is not your style and you don't have the history for the nostalgia, then some pretty polygons, a long-winded story and a bit of generic stealth-action might be all MGS4 has left for you.

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360degrees3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

If we can all stop buying into the HYPE for one whole second and be true gamers...I think we can agree that 8.9 is a fairly accurate scoring for this game...for every game has its faults here and there

Asurastrike3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

Perhaps someone without "360" in their name, and without a 360 avatar should be giving us this lecture.

Close_Second3608d ago

Ok, so now you're happy because you have found a review that better reflects your opinion of the game. Just how long did it take you to get through it and how did you drag yourself away from your 360 long enough to play it?

MGS4 was the first MGS game that I played and I must admit I had a blast. I'm not a hardcore MGS fan so there was no replay value for me although I could see why many might go through it a second time. As for visuals, its a beautiful game and the story is deeper than most for a game thats into its third sequel.

I would be interested to hear your views on the strengths and weaknesses of the game rather than just bagging its low points, or what you consider to be its lowpoints.

360degrees3608d ago

so in your opinion how long is TOO LONG for a cut-scene in a video game until it becomes a movie clip???

3608d ago
Close_Second3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

I really don't care how long a cut scene is as long as:

a. It holds your interest and actually adds to the story and character development.

b. You can skip it if you desire.

To suggest some sort of rule along the lines that "if cutscene > 5 mins then game = rubbish" is just a ridiculous argument to try and make. Sure the cut scenes in MGS were longer than you generally find in a game however, the MGS franchise has never been about short, shallow cut scenes and spades of equally shallow gameplay. Even I knew this before buying into MGS4 which as I said in another post, is the first MGS I have ever owned.

To be honest, the cutscenes in MGS4 made me regret not first having played through the first three MGS games as I know I would have felt more emotionally attached to the drama that unfolded.

Pedobear3608d ago

A 360 gamer really should accuse a game of being hyped when their best games live on hype.

ikkokucrisis3608d ago

Metal Gear Online is a great game in its own right. There's a deep combat system, healthy supply of game modes and server settings, and a decent supply of maps. And best of all, content is constantly being added to it by Konami.

You can't go wrong buying MGS4, it comes with the full package, whether you like single player or multiplayer games, you won't be dissappointed. This game easily scores higher than a 9 for value, game polish, and dev support.

dro3608d ago

on topic mgs4 has alerday been proved that it deserve a 10, the only thing i can say bad about it is that some cutscence are to long and boring, if u can show me another game that has graphics as good as or better than mgs4 apart from uncharnted i will give u all my belongings..i live in north london at wood green (-_-)

SL1M DADDY3608d ago

I am a true gamer and MGS4 in my honest opinion is the ONLY game this year or this gen for that matter that truly deserves the high scores it gets. Anything under a 9 is just some review trying to grasp for hits. MGS4 is truly the first masterpiece this gen.

Dareaver13608d ago

@ Dro, so because he said something you disagree with, he should be in the openzone. He was on topic and shared his opinion. Just because you disagree with it, doesn't make it openzone worthy.

There was no fanboy type statements in his comment.

But i to agree, Metal Gear as far as evolution goes (outside of graphics) didn't progress far, and hardly brings something new to the genre. At least in my opinion. I believe that there have been several games that do not deserve the scores they have been getting; for example, GTA 4 and Halo 3 did not deserve perfect 10's, but were awesome games. I think those to at least deserve high 9's, but when i look past Metal Gears shiny new graphics, i still see a tired and less innovative control scheme, slow and unrealistic weapon select options, and etc.

But then again those are my opinions of the game. But don't say someone should go to the OpenZone, without just cause. He shared his opinion in a respectable manner.

Michael Jackson3608d ago

is that celsius or fahrenheit..?

Tmac3607d ago

I love how jealous you Xbox fanatics are of MGS4, keep amusing the rest of us.

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jay23608d ago

Do we really need another review of MGS 4 3 weeks after it launched?
I'm getting bored of all the reviews of games for ages after them come out.(Not including User Reviews because of cause they can't play the game before it's out in shops.)

Close_Second3608d ago the game is several weeks old. I though N4G was going to group reviews for a game under a single heading so only those who are interested need enter.

Amp3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

Nuff said edit: Sorry Blood, didnt see your next review from a site Ive never heard from give it a good score. Just stop, if you want , Ill Look up the Terre haute, Indiana gazette weekender score for the game.Give it a rest

Veryangryxbot3608d ago (Edited 3608d ago )

Nuff said.

I dont need other people to convince me how good and epic this game is. This game shiats on every other competitor out there right now and is in a class of its own.

Every technical aspect of this game is awe inspiring. From the water efects in S america to the snowstorm effects in shadow moses to the superb cutscene to gameplay transition to the movie style cutscenes, the stealth element, the action element, the incredibly deep storyline, the superb details and extremely sharp graphics. This game is unmatched.

Anything lower than a 9.5 is in denial. Period. A game this epic with such technical supremacy with a mere 9.5 means you are seriously stupid and obviously have no clue about gaming and developing.

Thats the same as saying that a Ferrari is worth less than a bicycle. Whoever in their right mind would utter such stupid crap anyway.
Whoever gave MGS4 lower than a 9 need to seriously rethink their career options because they are not good at gaming.

It will takes years for other developers to catch up to MGS4 (aka STEAL some of MGS4s formulas) because the earliest game borrowing concepts, have only been started just a week ago at the earliest. For every other game already in development when MGS4 came out, its too late to change now and borrow MGS4 concepts.

Seriously EVERY MGS game is a pinnacle of achievement and is a showcase of the PS brands power. Every one of them. And MGS4 was no exception. It did just that, demonstrate the power of the PS3. This game is not possible on anyother console. Dont let your fanboy fantasy run wild. If you are a developer, which you are not, you would already know that this game is technically impossible on the 360.

I feel sorry for the retards that thought MGS4 was not going to deliver. As if MGS4 was going to fail. As if.

Xbots: "Haha Kojima rated MGS4 with a 1 out of 10! game is fail!"
Xbots: "Haha Kojima dissatisfied with PS3. PS3 is a failure!"

Making true what most people know already: xbots are dense people and probably people who cant afford a PS3 (aka lower rankings of society) and therefore got a 360 instead.

poos33608d ago

hey noob STOP LIEING TO YOUE SELF MGS4 IS AT 94% AND WHEN IT gets the amount of reviews halo 2 has gooten asit was released almost a yea rlater i would guess it would be on 92% halo 3 is still at 94% btw mgs4 is ok

juuken3608d ago are a moron.

Kindly remove head from ass please.

MGS4 should at least be around 9.8, considering it received a crapload of 100's, and 9's. While 8.9 is still a solid score, I'm also wondering why the reviewer couldn't have just given the game a 9.0.

XBox fanatics are just jealous that this game isn't on their system so they have to resort to bashing it to oblivion.


Go cry some more.

AngryHippo3608d ago

....way too personally....christ...serious ly i mean wtf? oh no a game got rated an 8.9 from one person out of how many reviews.....probably like 100, the rest are pretty much 10/10 so why does this bother you so much?. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about a game, but to some of you opinions are only allowed when its the same one as yours.

Grown Folks Talk3608d ago

You are correct sir. What do you win? Most likely about 6-10 disagrees, which will only further serve your point. Be a boring @ss world if everybody had the exact same tastes.

AngryHippo3608d ago

'Be a boring @ss world if everybody had the exact same tastes.'

I could not agree more. Bubbles + for you

Grown Folks Talk3608d ago

Especially Snake Eater & Substance on the Xbox, but I don't see as of yet what all the raving is about. Maybe it's because I'm not a fan of the series & haven't got all of the nuances that make it so enthralling to others. I still can't stand having to sit through a conversation without being able to do anything else. Movie theaters could charge full admission for the opening scene, & the graphics, while very good, aren't as good as people make them out to be (& no, I'm not playing on a black & white tv. 1080I lcd). I'm only on the part just after you meet Drebin, working my way through downtown. So I know I have a limited perspective. Right now, it's a good game, not great. Perhaps that will change as I get further along. & for the usual skeptic who claims every non perfect appraisal is from an "xbot" who actually doesn't have a PS3, my id is SOONERReign. Bought the MGS4 bundle last week & Arkham is on my friends list.

Grown Folks Talk3608d ago

Only click disagree. If my phantom disagree came from a woman, then I guess you literally have none (maybe). Step up. Tell me why i'm wrong.

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