The Order: 1886 Goes Gold, New Trailer Premiere

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"It’s almost hard to believe that the game is wrapped up. There are definitely times when we miss the madness that takes place when finishing a game. From our first initial pitch of the project back in 2010, to growing our team over the last four years, we have poured all our energy and passion into this game and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it.

Back at PlayStation Experience in December, we were able to finally show a long demo of the game that encompasses the many things we have revealed until now; Neo-Victorian London, The Order, its Knights and their weapons and technology, and their struggle against the Rebellion and the Half-Breeds."

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JMaine5181305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Damn that's looking good! The attention to detail is A1! The way the arm is burnt off after shooting the grenade from his hand looks fantastic. I'm also loving the head popping and limb dropping! 2/20 hurry please!

vishmarx1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

holy dragon's balls!!!

dat arc gun
dat arm blowing off
look at that shotgun blowing off the legs.
this is like a hardcore war based sci fi movie i can play

and finally

come 20th of feb
a nice big serving of crow is in order to all these so called journalists

EDIT: the bots have spotted it. brace for stupid disagrees

bouzebbal1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

looks stellar...
never seen something looking this good in a game my life.

GarrusVakarian1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Now THAT is more like it! This is the kind of footage they should have been showing off a few months ago to hush all of the naysayers who kept ripping on this game based on that boring gameplay demo [email protected] kept on showing over and over. The gameplay looks visceral as hell. Love those guns and the effects they have on enemies bodies. That gore element works really well with the setting and tone of the game.

Incredible. Day one.

And godDAMN, those visuals are insane. It looks CG-quality. And to think, all of it is in-game, realtime, even the cutscenes. Best graphics of this gen so far imo.

GarrusVakarian1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Holy shit @ the shotgun to the legs GIF. That is brutal!

GarrusVakarian1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )


LMAO. I guess it was only a matter of time before you guys showed up. Jealous as hell that this game not only looks better than anything on the X1, but also looks to have brutally satisfying gameplay.

Sucks that you'll never get to play it! If you ask me nicely, I'd be more than happy to live-stream it for you on release! XD

LOL_WUT1305d ago

Can't wait to play this on release i'm interested in seeing the horror aspects of the game should be fun! ;)

Cindy-rella1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Ive been saying it for a long time that this game looks quite interesting and that the developers dont want to give away alot of spoilers like previous previews of other games in the past. This is a story driven game which is meant to be very cinematic so it must seem very fresh to people who are interested in that sort. No multiplayer element available that i can see and thats fine.

Best looking game ive ever seen on any gaming platform and the gameplay looks amazing. I want to see if we'll still get a quota of daily the order 1886 negative articles.i know a lot of naysayers of this game will be upset and ride around on their disagreeing horse

This game looks so real and i cant believe its on the ps4 which is called weak by pc fanatics. This weak ps4 has the best looking game graphically on any gaming platform even though its not in 4k @ 60fps.

Buying this first day

ABizzel11305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )


I agree this is what I've been waiting on all this time. Regardless of how anyone feels, this game has had awful demos, because RAD was trying too hard to keep everything underwraps. After seeing this trailer I'm finally no longer cautiously excited for this game, but just generally excited for it.

I get not wanting to spoil anything important, but goodness you can't get a good grasp on how the game actually is in just a random segment of a single mission. All we could take from it is the gameplay seems solid, and the graphics are gorgeous, but that's not enough for me to spend $60 on a game, and it was soon entering rental status.

This is what I've been waiting on for MONTHS, and should have been the footage shown at the PlayStation Event (was it really that big of a [email protected]$#ing difference RAD to wait a month later to reveal this footage), had this been shown then there would have been nothing no one could really say about the game, because for once it finally looks epic, and answers a bunch of questions (I'm still hoping for more fictional creatures such as Vamps, and Hyde).

The only bad thing I can say is the AI seems a bit basic in some scenes, standing clearly in the open to be shot, rather than hiding.
This guy has a gun that shoots lighting, and completely burned our fellow top hat companion's head off, yet we're still going to try and shoot him in the open (lol at the top hat, falling to the ground surviving the lightning strike)

Hopefully that's not the case throughout the game, but this is the first time ever in it's showing (well since it's reveal) do I feel this game has finally demoed as a game that could be worth the $60 asking price.

RAD learn from this and at least hype the game 2 - 3 months before release not literally weeks before.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1305d ago

Love those gifs, especially the first one.

nix1305d ago

brilliant stuff.

what i'm really worried about is that this game is going to be nitpicked by every freaking body. such a sad state of journalism we've reached.

Pintheshadows1305d ago

I didn't expect this. I didn't think I would be seeing things like electricity based head pops. Terrific.

I agree with Lukas above. They should of got this trailer out sooner. It looks bloody awesome and it shows some more of where the story will go.

ZombieKiller1304d ago

I'm not even a fan of this game thanks to all the other shit out there and I gotta say damn that trailer! My wallet whimpered at the end of that trailer like "no more, PLEASE?!"

Damn after seeing that, I want this game now. It looked good before but that was the killing blow. Freaking epic.

LordMaim1304d ago

@ABizzel1: What difficulty is he playing on?

starchild1304d ago

That was a great trailer. I can't wait for next month.

rainslacker1304d ago

I've been staying optimistic about this game since it's announcement. While I had some doubts here or there based on previous demos, I can say this is looking to be exactly the kind of game that I would love to play.

This is the way to show off a game. It changed my optimism to a happy to buy(already pre-ordered the two collector's editions months ago).:)

Clunkyd1304d ago


10 butthurt fanboys disagree with your amusement lol

pixelsword1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Hokey friggin' smoke!

I think I've made my console decision at last...

kenwonobi1304d ago

From possible disappointment to GOTY?

Army_of_Darkness1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

That. Was. Awwwwwessssome!!!

When a video game trailer makes you drool for it during the viewing, I'd say it deserves a toast of my finest RUM matey!... I really don't know why I'm talking like a pirate....

If this game plays as amazing as it looks, then Ready at Dawn is gonna be another one of Sony's elite developers next to ND and SSM sudios :-)

beans1304d ago

Game looks great but man I'm good with just watching the movie segments. Looks like a movie that needs to be released one day soon!

HeMan761304d ago Show
Ikki_Phoenix1304d ago

more realistic gunplay than gears of nabs check
better voice acting than gear of nabs check
better graphics than any xbo till late 2016 check
better music than gears of nabs check
better more believable characters and no ouga bouga dudebro typical steroids marins check
and most important better story than gears of nabs...check

come quick february my wallet is on fire

Assassingamer1361303d ago

I knew from the go this game will be incredible even when everyone doubted it

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Abash1305d ago

Can't wait to play it in a few weeks, it feels so close to releasing now

OB1Biker1305d ago

Awesome action packed trailer :)

-Foxtrot1305d ago

It can't come soon enough :)

Looks like there were plenty of more open levels then what we've seen in the past.

Pintheshadows1305d ago

Hi Lukas. Considering the way the concept art was transferred into the game I think we definitely will. I read an interview a while back in OPM I think where they said they weren't wasting any of the art they made.

Crazyglues1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Wow this looks like a CGI movie... it's insane..

Can't wait.. Feb 20th hurry up and get here...


||.........___||............ ||

combatcash1305d ago

Looks fantastic! The headshot it reminds me of when I first played Gears and saw a head get ripped of with the sniper. Imo the graphics look better than UC4. I'll probably wait for a few reviews before I pick it up, but it's looking very solid.

Hanso1305d ago

well Uncharted is still almost a Year away and will run maybe with 60 fps.

Forn1305d ago

Once U4 goes gold then I think we can start comparing haha. Both games look to be amazing though, and provide very different gameplay experiences.

PS4FEVER1304d ago

Nothing looks better than uncharted 4. The ambience of the environment is breathtaking.

Forn1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Looks absolutely incredible. Seems to have quite engaging gameplay alongside ridiculously stunning visuals. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds. The Order is going to destroy people's early misguided perceptions. Win-win for PS4 gamers imo. Why can't it be February 20th yet?!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I have it on pre-order and i'm ready to get my hands on it. The story is going to the main attraction, the gameplay will be the icing on the cake.

3-4-51305d ago

* Ok THAT makes me want a PS4 more than anything I've seen.

1304d ago
ShottyGibs1304d ago

I really have to comment them for putting in a decent Gib engine. Blew that fella's legs away to kingdom come.

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morganfell1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

With every detail that leaks or is shown my anticipation grows at a geometric rate. Stories are at the heart of my favorite games and the richness we have seen thus far from The Order makes it a landmark game for persons such as myself.

SmielmaN1305d ago

I agree. Love a great story. The lead character is more badass than I thought. Game looks ridiculous! That arc gun head shot! Poof! Hahahaha. Looks awesome. Glad I preordered the statue one.

morganfell1305d ago

I had for the most part forgone special/collector/limited editions as I did not want the clutter if the there was not something in the edition that directly affected the game. But with The Order it was impossible to avoid that Premium Edition.

SmielmaN1305d ago

Ya, the way I saw it was $20 bucks for a figure, dlc preorder stuff and some extra crap for my son to destroy lol. I like figures and collect lots of stuff (especially Joker figures from sideshow It wasn't too much more money so I figured what the hey. I was really disappointed in the cost of the new batman special editions tho. Especially that batmobile edition, if you can even find it anywhere now.

bloodybutcher1304d ago

For me it somehow gets less and less interesting. I can't even explain why, but from ''i want it!" it turned to ''i just don't care''. Was hoping that this trailer could rekindle my interest, but no.

Genuine-User1305d ago

This game looks glorious!

I had to end my media blackout :)

snookiegamer1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )


'I had to end my media blackout'

I know right! So hard avoiding the trailers etc ... But, OMG!! that trailer is super, super awesome. Never seen visuals so cinematic outside of CGI.

Sony attract some of the best devs in the business! Ready At Dawn are going big time! Pre-ordered long ago, like 1886 ago ...lulz ;o))

Bennibop1305d ago

Looks promising, seemed to be some more open areas shown in that video compared to some of the previous demos we have seen.

Snookies121305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Too freaking epic! I might seriously have to buy this day one...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1305d ago

We all must buy this day one so that we can support the incredibly talented developers at Ready At Dawn studios and so Sony knows we want more awesome games like this.

Svinya1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Um. Yeah, day one. AFTER we read the reviews, though.

Ikki_Phoenix1303d ago


reviewers will bash it
so i wont bother read watch any of them

its a day one purchase for me