Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Great Ape Baby, GT Trunks, Kid Goku, Pan and DLC

Bandai Namco Games has today announced new characters will be making their way to Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

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Deathdeliverer1273d ago

I HATE when DLC is announced for a game that isn't even out yet. The game comes out in march but even with all this time the couldn't get any of this stuff in the main game? I hate dlc for the sake of dlc. It stopped me from buying forza 5 at all. This game looks too awesome to not buy but Damn it puts such a sour taste in my mouth.

Newmanator1273d ago

What's even worse is they herb pictures showing they have already been made-before the game is out AND with a delay. Damn

Deathdeliverer1273d ago

Exactly! So Damn annoying. It's like the initial $60 gets you 85% of the game these days. And is $30 the new standard price for season passes? To experience the full Xenoverse game they are asking for $90? Let me get away from this. I'm talking myself out of buying the game. Greedy developers...

SegaGamer1273d ago

I agree. This stuff SHOULD be in the game, not sold seperately. I hate the attitudes of game developers these days.

DLC is one of the things that is ruining gaming.

contradictory1273d ago

wait, you're announcing DLC before the release? Well screw you too!

nX1273d ago

Developers have no dignity anymore... don't you want to release the best game possible instead of creating a simple cash-grab full of DLC? Don't you think that a better metascore will net you more money than pathetic microtransactions?