Master Chief Collection Still Broken, Gamers Vow to Boycott Halo 5 Until Fix Arrives

"Gamers are understandably angry with Master Chief Collection developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft Studios. The remaster has been plagued with glitches from the start, and considering it's been over two months since the title's release, we're a bit surprised that 343 Industries hasn't fixed the game's overbearing problems."

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aviator1891152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

A second beta for Halo 5 (for BTB mode) should definitely be considered by 343.
While the Halo 5 beta (which was fun as heck) ran helluva better than Halo MCC when it launched, it still had matchmaking/server issues.
They're going to need to test Halo 5 more, especially in BTB, where several friends will want to party up and play together (they need to absolutely nail this stuff prior to launch to avoid any launch woes).

And regarding Halo MCC: while matchmaking times are super fast (just as previous Halo games), 343 really does need to get the parties fixed and done with (this is the most common complaint). Parties work really well if it's just you and someone else playing, but the system starts to choke up once you get more than 2 or 3 people together to play in a playlist. Once they fix that primary issue, I imagine the ranks will follow right after (which is the second most common complaint).

u got owned1152d ago

This game is so broken and i dont think 343 knows how to fix it

bohemian 231152d ago

I agree, it shouldn't take this many patches for a matchmaking fix. I haven't even played it lately because it's such a pain the ass to play with friends.

CorndogBurglar1152d ago

I agree. The only problem is how long are people willing to wait for these things to get fixed? Eventually even the most hardcore fan is going to give up if something doesn't get done.

spicelicka1152d ago

I'm having no issues with MCC, it works great for me, it sucks for people that are still having problems though.

I don't think you need to worry about BTB, a big part of halo's soul is BTB, they will not wanna screw it up. But I would love a beta on that too.

Bennibop1152d ago

Halo MCC should have been something special, I think many people will have moved on. The latest update has not resolved the match making problems for a lot of people and there are murmurings that its has introduced new problems.

TripC501152d ago

I'll boycot Halo 5 for a MCC fix. Easy for me because I'm one of the few that disliked the beta. I'm a BTB type of guy. This arena 4v4 MLG focus is all well and good but it isn't my jam. I'll boycot H5 until MCC gets fixed or I see some kick ass BTB footage with vehicular mayhem.

aviator1891152d ago

I'm also more of a BTB guy.
I really do hope the pelican makes a return for Halo 5. It was a shame that no air-based UNSC vehicle was in Halo 4.

Cream1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I don't enjoy Halo 5 one bit for similar reason... vehicles And I'm going to throw in there "HIT DETECTION".
Halo 5 has similar problems that MMC has in match maker and parties.
It begs the question: Does 343 know how to make a game lobby?
I say this with a heavy heart because I was looking forward to both titles.

Cream1152d ago

Also I will add that some days I have only 20 minutes to get my game fix on. It's very discouraging that it takes me 15 plus minutes to find ONE match.

Lilrizky1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Yeah I agree,

from an objective point of view, it's the smoothest feeling halo, the maps work, the guns feel good etc.

BUT it's lost that "Halo feel" for me.

Maps are good but not memorable. Maps like blood gulch, beaver's creek and even high ground will forever be etched in my mind.

the whole "bro feel" high fiving at the end, e-sports crap turns me off a bit.

i don't know to me it feels like an e-sport shooter and not a scifi sandbox game that Halo CE was heralded as.

I actually like what they did with the weapons though, they feel authentic. and i don't have a problem with sprint etc. as long as they get those big maps back.

also matchmaking was fine, I think 343 succeeded overall with the halo 5 beta, it's just not what i want out of Halo tbh. I have too many fast paced FPS's if i want that, but now i don't have any sandboxy scifi slow paced shooters to play anymore.

maybe im reading too much to it.

i still think it's a good MP experience and a lot of people r going to love it.

EvilWay1152d ago

I'm boycotting 343i not necessarily Halo 5. They screwed up Halo MCC and I have basically moved. I try and play and I get kicked out of games, have to exit app when a game ends, etc. it's absolutely ridiculous at this point.

Halo 5 beta had its server issues as well it take about 15 minutes to find a match so what makes you think he game won't have issues when it releases? I would bet it would

aviator1891152d ago

15 minutes??
I experienced those sort of times only on the first day of beta launch.
The rest of the time (about 3 weeks), I was getting into matches pretty instantly (like anywhere from 10 seconds to 1 minute), pretty much on-spot with previous Halo games, which is pretty great for a beta one year out from release.

EvilWay1152d ago

I'm surprised it takes me so long to find a game. I have good internet and open nat. The biggest thing is it stuck in te pre game menu and it keeps kicking people out. Finding the game doesn't take more than 5 minutes but the pre game lobby takes forever at times.

I also notice it seems to be shorter time if you play alone I had a party of me and two friends and it was taking forever

Tedakin1152d ago

I never had any problems with Halo 5. Was in a full room in seconds and in a match shortly after that every time.

Foehammer1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Too late

Halo 5 is already #4 on the most pre ordered list

and it doesn't even have a release date

BiggerBoss1152d ago

I wouldnt doubt that Halo 5 has tons of preorders, but its funny how you call out VGchartz ALL the time, and now you reference the sites preorder list to suit your purpose. Chuckle.

I tried playing MCC over the weekend with my buddies but it didnt work out too well. We had to play COD AW just so we could play a game together.

Still pumped for Halo 5 though, hopefully it wont suffer from the same issues as MCC

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