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JoeMcCallister1220d ago

The more interesting headline is the fact that the game is dropping the subscription. Can't say it wasn't warranted and should've been considered a long time ago, but makes me wonder if it can save the game.

Palitera1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

No subscription?
Pay to win confirmed.
This or something even worse will come into the game design...
"Tamriel Unlimited will be supported with special, optional downloadable content available for purchase and an in-game Crown Store for convenience and customization items."

Anyway, anything (except free to play, which a $60 game is not, mr. article writer) is better than subscription, which would make most players don't even think about buying the ultraoverpriced game.


June 9th. Good date to enjoy the E3 hype.

JoeMcCallister1220d ago

The word convenience can really be interpreted too many ways

Palitera1220d ago

And this is exactly why the dirty PR bastards chose it.

DougLord1220d ago

Pay to win sucks - but it is way to early to call it that. Lets see what is in the store. Games like DOTA make tons of $$ of customization only items. I also have no problem if they sell healing, mana and other buffs that can also be earned or crafted, as long as in PvP you can't just quaff an infinite amount. And selling access to areas is fine, as long as its $5 per instead of $20 per. And they can always charge for expansions.

I was part of Beta and this game just didn't do enough for me to want to pay $60 PLUS $15 a month. Now I think I will try it and see what they have improved. But I will do it on PC.

iNFAMOUZ11220d ago

im buying it then finally, yessssssssssssssss

nX1220d ago

I might as well now. I just need to know whether I can play the digital PS4 version simultaneously on two accounts via game-sharing. If that works I'm pretty much sold.

Bigpappy1220d ago

This was my only reservation. Day-one buy now. Who cares about unfounded play to win, when there is so much to explore. I am a very happy man right now. Hope this starts a new trend and other (KOTOR)follow

Dlacy13g1220d ago

dropping the subscription has me going from a "not going to buy stance" to probably getting day one now.

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Cy1220d ago

FINALLY it's going free to play! Looks like I might actually be getting this.

Gh05t1220d ago

What part about buying the game makes it free to play?

ValKilmer1220d ago

Awesome news right here. This should help the game compete with the top MMOs, if not surpass them.

Time for Blizzard to take WoW to consoles.

NiteX1220d ago

You still need quality in order to compete with the top MMOs. Also how the hell would you play WoW on a console?

thekhurg1220d ago

WoW would never work with a controller.

Palitera1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

So was said about Diablo.

thekhurg1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

The difference between Diablo and WoW is one game has 30 keybinds for skills, the other has 6.

WoW would never work.

Christopher1220d ago

Diablo 3 was designed around utilizing a handful of abilities.

WoW has 21+ abilities per class. The game would need to be completely redesigned from the ground up to use few abilities or to use a type of combo system to go from one skill to another.

thekhurg is right. WoW as it is and has been since the beginning would not work with a controller unless you decide to ignore over half the abilities you have at your disposal.


Just assigning skills to the four face buttons (ABXY, XO[]/\, etc), using shoulder buttons as modfiers (so, just by X we have X, R1X, R2X, L1X, L2X, and so on) we have 20 possible entries. If we do the same to the D-pad, since we have sticks for navigation, that's another 20 possibble entries.

So no, button counting is not a good excuse.

thekhurg1220d ago


If you want to be pendantic about the entire thing here is why it won't work. You have a plethora of skills, for most classes around 30 - this doesn't include all your keybinds for mounting, food, elixers, battle potions, health stones, raid buff skill(s), keybinds for assigning icons to priority targets in raid, raid marker binds, profession skills (fishing, cooking, archeaology and the two you pick) your hearth stone and various other teleporting stones such as your garrison stone for WoD. Then you have your focus versions of various skills that are typically keybound.

Then you have your ground targeted effects that you absolutely don't always want targeted to a specific enemy or player, instead you need to quickly target another spot to prepare for incoming adds (for example).

Then you need keys for the dozen or so panels in the UI, such as the dungeon journal, pvp tab, guild tab, LFG tab, macros tab, skills tab, profession tab, etc... You also need keybinds for the custom macros that you need, plus at least one additional button that is never used except for the very specific/unique raid fights that require the "special action button".

b3ast1220d ago

Thats not true I play Wow with a controller using xpadder, and I am a core raider in warlords of draenor... if you played FF XIV you would know that its possible to play a mmo with a controller, and xpadder make its even better than than what FF XIV controller controls. look up Ghrishnach check all my boss kills if you want, and if anyone need any help with xpadder ps4 controller let me know.


I'm not saying it would be readily doable, a straight port would work nor anything like that. Obviously it would need some adapting.

But quite frankly, 40 readily doable inputs are enough... In fact, it's so true, that you listed more tasks than a keyboard have keys, so guess what, you are already using modfiers even considering a player who uses all that (tip: not all players do).

I stand by my point, controlpads have enough buttons to make it work with some adaptions. Xrave just confirmed my point, but in case you still think button count is an argument:

Also, I'm skipping the obvious here: all consoles have USB ports now. It's up to devs design control methods with k&m. If Blizzard don't wanna deal with consoles, it's a completelly different matter, I'm just saying input methods aren't a problem.

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Volkama1220d ago

WoW works just fine on a controller. With triggers as modifiers there are more than enough buttons. Healing would need an over-haul, and it would be a good opportunity to make targetting less rubbish in general.

Better off making a new game at this point though.

Christopher1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I disagree. Considering the need to time so much at the right time, I don't think relying on remembering which button to use to get 3 abilities should pop up to use with 3 of the buttons on the controller isn't a good design. Sure, there are some out there that will be able to do it. But your standard gamer, who are the type of people who play MMOs, won't find it a simple or pleasing to use system.

But, even then, let's examine this (PS controller since it's what I have in front of me being utilized in this example):

The Warrior class has 21 different abilities at least.

'x' is attack no matter what you do.

So you have 5 x 3 programmable abilities (base, R1, R2, L1, L2), to tie to the other 3 buttons.

That's 16 total, right now.

But, let's say we don't always have attack up. That's still only 5 x 4 abilities. That's 20 abilities.

I think in order to truly get WoW to work on consoles, there would definitely need to be some major changes to how skills are utilized and thereby adjustments to take account for those changes in the game itself.

This reminds me of Everquest Online Adventures. The whole gameplay wal altered to account for the differences and slower gameplay in using abilities due to the controller.

Volkama1220d ago

WoW and it's ilk are games that people invest countless hours in, so simplicity isn't really necessary. It is something publishers want because they have their eyes on the widest audience possible, but over-simplifying MMORPGs has it's own consequences.

Getting right into WoW, I've played plenty of it on a controller just for kicks. Cooldowns on the D-Pad, combat skills on the face buttons, targetting on the bumpers. The biggest problems are that tab targetting isn't that intuitive, and for some reason there are no options to adjust the turning speed of the camera (with the default clearly being too slow).

Your 21 button warrior on a DS4 would be no problem. 4 face buttons, 4 d-pad directions, 2 bumpers, 2 sticks. That's 12 "common" face buttons, all modifiable with the triggers for a total of 36. You've got your warrior there, with room for gammy targetting buttons on top.

WoW would have other issues coming to consoles though. The established fanbase already have PCs, and the 10years worth of old content/tired pop culture references has been chopped and accelerated so much that it just doesn't make for a great game. The whole interface would need a re-design, communication would need a re-design, healing would need a re-design and most of the content would need to be adjusted accordingly. It would also be quite a monumental coding task getting the engine to run on the CPUs in the consoles, as it doesn't thread well at all.

Nothing insurmountable, but it wouldn't really make commercial sense to attempt it.

Christopher1220d ago

***Your 21 button warrior on a DS4 would be no problem. 4 face buttons, 4 d-pad directions, 2 bumpers, 2 sticks. That's 12 "common" face buttons, all modifiable with the triggers for a total of 36. You've got your warrior there, with room for gammy targetting buttons on top.

No, it wouldn't. That's a horrible set up. Just horrible.

First, one finger should always be on L3 for movement. That means you're taking your hand off to fire off abilities. Then adding in possibly using bumpers in conjunction with that?

No. Just horrible.

Sure, you could do this, but it would be a hot mess and people would not like it. That's just a horrible concept, to be honest.

Furthermore, we're ignoring the fact that there are menu elements, chatting, emotes, and the like that will be tied to things as well.

No. Just no. It would be worse than that one mech game with the overly complex joystick. At least that game it gave you all the controls you needed, this would just be a "Shoot, is it L2 or L1 for that? Where is my heal? Wait, are my druid abilities for bear this way or was that for panther?"

Nightfallen1220d ago

Free to play? Definitely getting this.

Gh05t1220d ago

Im starting to feel like everyone is reading a different article because im pretty sure it has a guild wars style of pay once which makes it not free to play.

Nightfallen1218d ago

Yeah I meant that, was talking about it not having subscription fees.

ThunderPulse1220d ago

Finally an online Elder Scrolls I want to purchase.

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