Trophies/Levels as Virtual Earning Power in Home

Could trophies/levels be a means to virtual earning power in Home? A snippet from the article:

"And so here we are with Sony introducing the Trophy system. In essence it is the same thing as Achievements BUT there is an additional novel idea in there. Users have a level.
But I highly doubt Sony is going to let the leveling stop there. Sony has stated they want Home to be more gamer focused. Like a massively multi-player game I fully expect that a user's level will carry weight in Home."

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RevN8r3663d ago

This is an interesting concept, but seems a bit unlikely to me.

Talvish3663d ago

The reason I think it is likely is mainly because they can concentrate on virtual goods which cost next to nothing to make.

- gives yet another reason to get back into Home (which earns Sony advertising cash)
- gives a good reason to buy a PS3 version of the game (which entices game developers to concentrate on PS3 games)
- increases loyalty to Sony since you have virtual goods that decrease chance of abandoning/giving up

Omegasyde3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

If you are the author of the blog, you are doing more harm than good.

This speculation based on no evidence or seeds of proof will lead more people to create massive rumors. Like Wildfire people won't even see the lines "as a what if possibility" and see it as trophies will unlock stuff for you in home.

Than that rumor turns into how trophies earn you PSN credit in exchange for games/content......

This blog is speculation that many will get confused and flame sony
for "not delivering". Then countless BS articles arise over the interweb about sony not delivering "option A" even though it was never stated from them.

Te only thing official is that Trophies will be 3d in Home. All the wallpapers, pictures, items to be displayed in home will be unlocked automatically with purchase of the game.

So in the future, XBL Achievements VS. PSN Trophies + item decorations for your pad. I can now see why Microsoft is building their own homespace to combat this and not lose the lead on software sales.

GiantEnemyCrab3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I love how you lecture the author about how spreading unconfirmed information can do more harm than good and then you close with this.

"So in the future, XBL Achievements VS. PSN Trophies + item decorations for your pad. I can now see why Microsoft is building their own homespace to combat this and not lose the lead on software sales. "

You can see why MS is building their homespace? Can you provide me a link to the MS announcement for this? You are doing the same thing you are accusing this author of. Yes, this is merely a comment vs. a full article but spreading BS is spreading BS.

Anyway, Trophies are a joke to Achievements so adding in a Second Life rip-off isn't going to do anything.

Tacki3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I'm interested in why you think trophies are a joke when compared to achievements? It's true that trophies SHOULD have been there from the start and that if their inclusion in games doesn't become widespread then it's a bit of a waste... but would you care to explain why they're a 'joke' when they're essentially the same thing as achievements? Only executed in a different way.

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Angelitos3663d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor XBots, as DarkSniper once said, the fixme dvd player is just something used for a beta. Poor Xbots, they wasted their time and money on their fixme dvd player, when they could have had the best experience with the PS3.

Poor Xbots

jif863663d ago

I love your comments dude, you speak the truth.

Home will make the M$ DVD player look like a joke. Home will be fantastic. Home will make everyone realise just which machine is best.

PS3 all the way baby.


GiantEnemyCrab3663d ago

HOME will be a sausage fest that I'm sure the 2 of you will love. I can see you are already lubing each other up.

crck3663d ago

That would be a nice bonus. Like every 10 levels unlocks some new clothes or something. I don't care much about trophies but I'm sure this will make some people very happy.

360degrees3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

If home allowed you to get secret skins or costumes to make your guy look like Freddy Krueger or Sub-Zero in HOME..or something cool like that

pwnsause3663d ago

it might happen, remember last year when phil harrison's avatar was dressed up as Rachet?

TheExecutive3663d ago

that would be great for a platinum trophy. Get a costume of the games hero or villian. Good idea, I will pass it on.

LiquifiedArt3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I'd have to agree. The idea of leveling and turing it into an MMO where plaything the games themselves becomes the MMORPG. And not a Elves,trolls RPG but a Real-Life Gamer RPG. Its an incredible Idea, and i'm sure the Trophy system is very very expansive. They have alot of ideas in the works. Its a great time to be a Playstation Gamer!\

I just wanna get to Level 5. I'm already at 2 ALMOST 3!

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