Uncharted 4 Level Design Goal is No “Golden Path”

Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End captivated many of us when its gameplay trailer debuted at the PlayStation Experience last year. The level design looked to be significantly expanded from previous games to allow for numerous paths and alternative routes.

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Shuckylad1304d ago

Sounds great, I have massive faith that N.D. will make another classic.

medman1304d ago

I have massive, massive faith.

Stapleface1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I always want different ways to approach things, if possible in a game. I'm glad that I will be able replay this multiple ways. I'm looking forward to my first Uncharted game. It's just a bonus that it's looking as good as it does. The game play they have shown so far, though early does look fun. I definitely like that slipping off of an edge your trying to grab will be based on angle, and distance. Breaking handles will block off a route, little things like that make things more interesting. Better get that jump right or your going the long way..

jb2271304d ago

You are in for a true treat if UC4 will be your first Uncharted...the game really plays unlike anything else out there, something about it just feels so smooth & intuitive, the environments are jaw droppingly gorgeous & the story is second to none in the gaming industry. You probably won't have to play the first 3 to enjoy the new one, but hopefully they push out a collection before UC4 releases because I'd highly recommend any gamer play them. I've beat them all an unhealthy amount of times...never really gets old.

littlezizu1304d ago

UC4 is going to be Legen....
wait for it...
10months later...
In Naughty Dog we trust...#TrueStory...