Can Windows 10 and Xbox One erase the divide in gaming?

Windows 10 holds a lot of potential for Microsoft to make up for lost ground, especially in one of their bread-and-butter areas: gaming. "How?" you, and the roomful of other Microsoft execs, might ask.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Yes but will they... time will tell. Windows 10 will be amazing nonetheless.

ScorpiusX1302d ago

Sweet day one buy on all of it . Yes

joab7771302d ago

It's a free upgrade.

This is big, a reason to finally buy an xbone.

DougLord1302d ago

I couldn't watch this live. I read Gamespots live blog and it sounds like gaming was hardly talked about. No new titles announced other hen Fable for PC.

Anyone have a link to any DX12 or cloud demos?

GDC better be massive, cause this was highly disappointing. Goes back to hyping games. I probably shouldn't have expected big game announcements but I got suckered by N4G.

riverstars861302d ago

This was clearly a press conference for Windows 10, not new game releases....

gangsta_red1302d ago

I don't know Douglord, there were many articles that said this event would not be about gaming but more about Win 10.

They did announce an AR device that is looking and sounding sweet with every new article that appears on N4G.

But yea, the hype can lift you up and the reality is definitely a hard fall.

Brisco1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Seriously this is a event to show off windows 10. And you expect games announcements? This is just to let us know what they got in mind for Xbox and PC. In march they will show us a whole lot more.

LAWSON721302d ago

This was a Windows 10 event not a gaming conference.

joab7771302d ago

It's bigger than a new IP for gaming. It's what Sony shpuld have done with their, Vita, phones and TV'S long ago...they wouldn't be in the red.

KwietStorm1302d ago

lol that's entirely different, and that's not the reason they are in the red.

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gangsta_red1302d ago

It's all on MS to make this happen. So only time will tell.

They seem to be making a big push and them stating that all their studios are using DX12 makes me think they will be dedicated to both platforms.

Just have to see.

Roccetarius1302d ago (Edited 1302d ago )

Until 3rd party developers really start to jump on the DX12 bandwagon, then i wouldn't consider it a significant incentive to switch. Gaming is all there really is for users like us to use the OS still.

Roccetarius1302d ago

That depends entirely on what MS plans with the OS. It's common to not switch before it has received a number of updates first. And if there's no focus on actually making a proper Desktop version, then consider me using Win 7 until 2020 or beyond.

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