The Witcher 3 XOne Version Start Screen, Details On Adult Theme, Mechanics, Map Size & More Leaked

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was voted as "Most Anticipated Game of 2015" at The Game Awards in December 2014. Few days later, CD Projekt Red announced a second release delay for The Witcher 3 citing reason as "development team needed more time to polish and eliminate last minute bugs". According to report shared by NeoGaf user "macfoshizzle" , this extra development time worked in favor of the game and its looking better than expected.

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CloudRap1278d ago

Not sure whether I should get this on X1 or PS4........

EvilWay1278d ago

Achievements or trophies? Decision time

NukaCola1278d ago

I will play it on PS4 for trophies. If you rather get Achievements or if Xbox is your third party choice, do that.

Gamer19821278d ago

I would normally advise PC over console but after the requirements of W3 were released your better off with the console version. I fear devs are doing it on purpose too.

gear1278d ago

Very true but the great thing in PC is superior quality,mods(if necessary) and my favorite CHEATS

gamer91278d ago

It's not online so no worries about PSN vs XBL
Do you have an insane controller preference to XB1?
Do you have a ton of friends playing other games on one of the consoles this summer?
If none of the above then obviously get it for PS4 for the graphics bump.

Scenarist1278d ago

You almost did something there. .but i didnt see it.

AngelicIceDiamond1278d ago

Its gonna be the same on each platform since RED's not withholding DLC from gamers.

burza19821278d ago

Simple - PS4 in 1080p, XBox One NOT. Even if they said both consoles will be run in the same, always - day one patch coming for PS4 and 1080p with that.

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ReesesPuffs1278d ago

It kinda sucks they delayed it again but you can tell CD Projekt Red wants this to be a masterpiece and I'm sure it will be. One of my most anticipated games of the year.

tlougotg1278d ago (Edited 1278d ago )

Witcher 3
Planetside 2
The Order
No Mans

And others i cant remember, but its a good year for gaming fans. Add Halo 5, QB, more Forza and other games Xbone is getting and damn if your a Xbone/Ps4 owner your in heaven lol Adding Wiiu will just make things even more hectic lol so i wont go there. But good year for gamers!!!!

gear1278d ago

For me I have no plans on buying a ps4 just for a game (blood borne) even Miyazaki should understand that PC fanboys need this game but he does somebody bidding(Sony) afterall....

elsuperamigo1278d ago

Another begging for a game to come to the master race, pc players? Lol Keep on begging you guys already got a glance of the beauti of console games like gta,final fantasy,metal gears,resident evils maybe one day you get to play red dead redemption,bloodborn,uncharted , etc,etc we are more than happy whit our console games at 1080p/30 fps

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