Nintendo is Finding their Place in the Shooter Genre

Hardcore Gamer: The latest Nintendo Direct came with huge news on upcoming games. A couple of them are shooters – a genre largely associated with blood, violence and explosions. It doesn’t have to be, though.

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ValKilmer1304d ago

This is the one area they've always been lacking in, so this could be a boon for the Wii U.

YoungKingDoran1304d ago

I always thought boon was a bad thing, but I looked it up, and well, it's not every day Val Kilmer teaches you some English.

The Great Melon1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Probably mixed bane up with boon.

Boon is beneficial. Bane is detrimental.

wonderfulmonkeyman1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

There really aren't enough shooters lately that aren't realistic-looking military/supersoldier blood-fests, so it's refreshing to see something new.[Garden Warfare is another one, but even with that the examples are still too few and far between]
That a new colorful shooter like Splatoon is coming from Nintendo, who isn't really known for shooters, just makes it all the more surprising and welcome.

Still, the weapons, customizations, and various unique abilities on display here make it blatantly obvious that this is going to be a high-grade experience.
I mean, when's the last time you've heard of a shooter that lets you use the trail made by your own ammunition to reach otherwise-inaccessible areas, let alone to reload your ammo count?

It's oozing with character, and I love it.

I'm confident that this is a shooter that any kind of gamer will be able to enjoy, adults included.

However, there's always going to be a division of people that prefer their shooters to be more gritty and realistic-looking.
Surprisingly, an indie team contracted by Nintendo is doing a game for them, too; Ironfall Invasion.
Yeah, the name is a semi-rip-off of Titanfall, but the gameplay doesn't seem to be lacking in the kind of gun play that military-shooter lovers crave.
It doesn't look like you'll be bounding through the air in super suits, but the gameplay shown for it is still solid overall:

Keep in mind; it's made by a 3 man team.
Just 3 guys.
That's pretty good.

And who knows? If it's received well enough, perhaps Nintendo will see the sense in scraping together a team to make a realistic military shooter specifically for the Wii U?
Couldn't hurt to give supporting it a chance, guys, since it's looking like it'll be a fun romp anyways.

MSBAUSTX1304d ago

IGN had some surprisingly good things to say about Ironfall! I will be buying it.

randomass1711304d ago

I know it doesn't necessarily count as far as shooters go, but Little Big Planet games have had given makers the capacity to design shooters. Either way it's nice to see Nintendo entering the shooter realm more consistently. I'm not so interested in Ironfall since it looks like an indie Gears of War but I am very interested in Splatoon. It's so cute and colorful and it's online too. :)

Trolltroll1304d ago

There is also Devils Third, witch looks to be a different take on the shooter genre. Kinda looks silly but with chickens and a out fit made entirely out of boxes. BUT the custom making your own maps to defend and a currency based progression system i am going to have to at least try.
Also Ironfall looks impressive foor any number of guys making it. I like how Nintendo is "Championing" Select indi titals like Ironfall and Shovel knight.

jholden32491304d ago

Splatoon does seem to fit into the "Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare" genre, however, what elevates Splatoon is the fact you're not required to be online to play (and paying subscription fees to even access online at that). It's even got a single player campaign- now THAT is how you make a shooter- single and multiplayer, no forced online, no paywall.

3-4-51304d ago

Mario 64 was Mostly made by 15 people.

* Nintendo is really good at not needing as many people per project/game as other dev's.

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MSBAUSTX1304d ago

I like the way this game is looking and the level of depth in the characters. They are dipping their toes in the waters of shooting games and, as history proves time and time again, Nintendo doesnt make crap unsupported games. Everything that comes from Nintendo Directly or they are closely associated with has been amazing and I am really looking forward to this game.

It isnt this game either. Hyrule warriors with Koei/Tecmo, Bayonetta 1 and 2 with Platinum Games, Wonderful 101 with Platinum games, Ironfall invasion, Devils Third and many others are going to propell sales of this system to a more mature audience. Once the new LOZ, Metroid, and Star Fox release, sales are going to sky rocket. I like that Nintendo is starting to focus on the core gamers and support the children and casuals at the same time. As an older gamer I enjoy more mature games but still play Mario Kart and Pikmin 3 a lot.

When these more mature and shooter games start to drop Nintendo will be printing their own money like they are with the amazing success of the 3DS. More shooters please Nintendo.

N4g_null1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

I'm liking steam also. The turn based 3rd person shooter is very close to an idea I wanted to see made on the wiiu. Imagine one person controlling the whole map while the fps or 3rd person view is dispatching the enemies.

Also bwii had many elements that need to be made into a full game. A true battalion wars 3 featuring advanced wars whole cast and world wide operations would be super sweet.

Splatoon will be the quake 3 like 3rd person game I've always wanted.

Cod advanced warfare should make an appearance also yet they should augment this version with new game play ideas. This would make sense because people are not going to expect the graphics to be super so they can test out game play ideas on the wiiu where development time can be wasted on gameplay rather than graphics.

Also I'm wondering about the conduit guys and what is retro doing?

It would be interesting for treasure to make a fps!

BigDuo1304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

Splatoon looks refreshingly cool and innovative. It's about time someone revitalized the shooter genre, but it's kind of funny that Nintendo's the one doing it given their in-house lack of experience. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the game.

As far as Retro Studios goes, there's a rumor that they are currently collaborating with Monster Games on Diddy Kong Racing 2. Monster Games was said to have been working on it initally back on Wii, but the project was turned into Excitebots because Nintendo dropped negations with Microsoft to have them buy back some of the Diddy Kong racing character rights, but Microsoft wanted more money than Nintendo was willing to pay, so Monster Games took the animal-themed idea for Diddy Kong Racing and turned it into Excitebots instead.

As we know, Monster Games has been busy these past few years since it developed the port for DKC: Returns in 2013, assisted Retro Studios on DKC: Tropical Freeze ( which released in 2014) and are currently working on finishing up development on the port of Xenoblade for 3DS for release in just a few months.

Other potential projects Retro could be doing instead is returning to Metroid Prime (in 2013, Retro had said that they were considering making a DKC sequel or going back to Metroid, but they ended up doing DKC sequel). Nintendo producer Tanabe Kensuke, had said in March 2011, that he was interested in the possibility of reviving 3D Donkey Kong Country with Retro Studios.

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