Here are my impressions of Infinifactory, please trust them

These days, in this horrifying new era of ethical games journalism, it's important for writers to be totally upfront by divulging every aspect of their personal lives, everybody they've ever been friends with, every secret they've ever held and anybody they might have kissed along the way.

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Anon19741307d ago

Brilliant. :)

"I once rolled down a hill with Gabe Newell, just laughing and laughing until we were laying side by side in the grass, looking up at the clouds, pointing out the shapes until, somehow, I don’t know when it happened, we were holding hands and our voices fell quiet and we just lay there, we just lay there for what felt like hours, and the sleepy clouds drifted by overhead and the setting sun painted vast orange shadows across the sky, and we finally just didn’t care about anything other than that one moment."