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W0nderer1191d ago

Be interesting to see how this game pans out. Nathan Drake is one of gaming's iconic characters. Really hoping for an awesome uncharted title.

GrIdL0cK1191d ago

I'm more excited to see how amazing it looks on PS4!

aCasualGamer1191d ago

Well, it's pretty clear that it's going to release fall of 2015. There is no doubt this will be the biggest year of games since.. well.. a long long time.

Gamer19821191d ago

Its a default release date as its a Thursday. Games release on a Tuesday in the states. this is a site so desperate for hits it put 2 and 2 together and got 22 and thought I can get hits here for the other blind people.

Skate-AK1190d ago

Just because Tuesday is the standard, doesn't mean all games release on it. Skyrim came out on a Friday. Also, The Order 1886 comes out on a Friday.

Ikki_Phoenix1190d ago

its naughty dog...nuff said

JamesBondage1190d ago

LOOKS like an awesome game. and i havn't even played any of the other Uncharted games, of course i would get inspired to play them now that i have a ps4... c'mon sony lets expand that PS Now library some more.. liiike all of your games, why not right

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BOBN4G1191d ago

Will be interesting to see how long that date stays there. Also, with all the delays of AAA titles, quite a bold prediction to make nine months ahead of time.

Neixus1191d ago

Give it a week and walmart probably have removed the date.

DeMoNiK_ZA1191d ago

Naughty Dog isn't really working on anything else right now, so I'm expecting another Game of the Year out of them when Uncharted 4 gets released.

Balsanoid1191d ago

Who says they're not working on anything else? Naughty Dog carries on at least a couple projects at a time, dividing their workforce into teams. For instance, UC3 was being worked on at the same time as The Last of Us.

BC_Master_Haze1191d ago

Can't forget that si-fi IP they were talking about either :D

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1191d ago

They're probably working on TLOU sequel as we speak.

jb2271191d ago

Seems to me like they are still a 1.5 team studio rather than a 2 team studio judging by Naughty Dog's comments themselves. They have a smaller crew that works on rough concepts & designs for the next project so the full team can transition over smoothly. I'm sure they have a fair few people working on whatever their next title is but development wouldn't kick into high gear until UC4 is finished. Pretty great system, it's definitely working out for them!

Sevir1191d ago

They areworki g on 4 projects... New DLC for TLOU and TLOU:R, Uncharted 4, a core team is working on presumably TLOU2 and then a small team is working away on a new IP. A team the size of 220 is being used quite effectively

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CerealKiller1191d ago

It's a Thursday so doubt it.

Agent_00_Revan1191d ago

Anytime I see a release date with the 1st, I disregard it. Maybe the month is correct, but never the 1st.


First and last day of a month, quarter or season, specially that long before the actual release, are generally just placeholder.

JoeDaniel1191d ago

it's called a placeholder date :)

DarXyde1191d ago

My birthday?!

....unlikely. Nothing cool ever comes out then lol.

GrIdL0cK1191d ago

No ways, what about you? :D

DarXyde1191d ago

You're pretty much the coolest person ever right now hahaha.

Thanks, mate. :O)

For the sake of relevance though, I think it's too early of a release for Uncharted 4. That would mean it could hit Black Friday deals which I'm not so sure would happen. I'd expect No earlier than mid-November.

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