Digital Foundry: Hands-on with the Evolve beta

"We first looked at Evolve late last year when the game was still in its alpha phase, finding a new take on the team-based multiplayer shooter that felt fresh and fun to play, built upon the first multi-platform outing we'd seen for the powerful CryEngine middleware. However, while graphics and gameplay shaped up rather nicely, the experience was hit heavily by server issues and inconsistent matchmaking, leading to extremely long waiting times between matches, not to mention irksome disconnections during play."

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MysticStrummer1219d ago

Visuals look very nice, but the game looks like it would get old pretty quick imo.

GMR_PR1219d ago

That drop to the 20s though :/

averagejoe261219d ago

It did get old. Very repetitive.

BallsEye1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

drops to 18 FPS....why the hell to push 1080p when you can't hold stable 30 fps? Sony needs to stop forcing devs to get 1080p at any cost. 18 fps is ridiculous... played beta in the supposed 900p on XO and it looked great, actually I thought it was 1080p, switched to it from destiny and seemed the same, super sharp and I have a big ass sony tv.

Skate-AK1218d ago

Sony isn't forcing devs to go 1080p. Witcher 3 is 900p isn't it? I don't remember.

AKissFromDaddy1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

"Both PS4 and Xbox One target 30fps gameplay, but it's the Sony platform that enjoys full 1080p resolution. Evolve is set to be our first look at CryEngine running on PS4, having previously acquitted itself rather well on Xbox One and PC with Ryse: Son of Rome."

"...with the PS4 game offering up a native 1080p image against 900p on the Xbox One, while the quality of the effects work remains unchanged." That's still good stuff.

I'd get the PC version, for 60FPS, if Evolve were cross-play with PS4. I want to play with friend more than I want 60FPS, but I'm still hopeful for cross-play. C'mooooooon Turtle Rock.