3DS More Than Doubles 2nd Place Vita; Japan’s Hardware/Software Sales Continue Expected Slump

PSLS Sales Analysis: Things aren't quite as grim as the slope would indicate.

"The weeks right after New Years see very few (if any) new releases and come with predictable drops in game hardware and software sales. It generally opens with a bang, then takes a giant drop. This year, not a single new game was released in Japan until the 15th of January, when PS3 got the Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition, 3DS got Kenka Bancho 6, and Vita got a new Diabolik Lovers adventure. On the 20th, PS4 got the Resident Evil Re-REmake, but that game’s data won’t be on these charts."

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Killzoner991220d ago

It truly is sad when the best and most powerful portable ever made gets outsold by a kids toy. Japan should be ashamed. They're supposed to be a tech savvy country yet they constantly make the strangest choices when it comes to supporting hardware and software. Thank God Japan makes up a very small percentage of worldwide sales.

UnceasingElias1220d ago

You sound like the true sony fanboy. I'm not going to reply with a long text saying how wrong you are. I'm just going to say this. You are missing out on some amazing games.

Cindy-rella1220d ago

The 3ds is destroying the vita in sales while being cheaper and has a lot more software support. the ps4 is destroying the wii u while being more expensive and has a lot of software support.

PoSTedUP1220d ago

yeah, killzoner is being an idiot. theres no way that comment could have been serious. 3DS is awesome.

trickman8881220d ago

1. Vita isn't the most powerful portable ever.

2. Vita sells bad in America too.

Maybe you should ask sony why they were so incompetent with the Vita. 3DS has a bigger variety of games, and still coming out with some heavy hitters(MH4U, SMT DSRB2, etc)

STK0261220d ago

You act like Japan is the only place where the 3DS is beating the Vita in sales, when in fact Japan is pretty much the only major territory where the Vita is actually putting up a fight, and where the Vita has sold the most units.

Perhaps, rather than blaming the Japanese people, you should take take a look at Sony's strategy with the Vita. You would think that with the powerful hardware, combined with the Playstation branding, they would have a very successful successor to the very popular PSP in their hands, but a lack of marketing and a lack of big first party games (compared to what the 3DS is getting) have really hurt it so far.

dredgewalker1220d ago

I love my Vita but I have to say that the 3DS has much more games at this point. Just be glad that dedicated portable consoles are still selling in spite of the overwhelming numbers of smart phones.

marloc_x1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

All North Americans should be ashamed as well?

:D :D :D

3-4-51219d ago

Both are gaming devices....Neither is a kid's toy.

* That OBVIOUSLY makes you sound like we can't trust your opinion because it's so biased against one company.

* Vita has the better hardware, but at the end of the day, it's a video games playing device and it needs various amounts of fun games to be played.

3DS just offers a much greater variety and genres of games.

* Vita games are just Too Niche.


When you cater your games to the 10%, expect 10% of the sales.

Elronza1219d ago

Sorry but lots of tablets and phones are far more powerful than the vita. Also there are handhelds like the Nvidia Shield that are way above the vita's specs. I do own a 3G PS vita that I have owned since launch and while I do enjoy playing it I will admit that Sony is squarely to blame for its lack of success.

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spoonard1220d ago

It's all about the games, man. Nintendo has Pokemon and Monster Hunter in addition to Nintendo 1st Party games that everyone goes gaga over.

caseh1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I don't think it helps that a lot of Western games like CoD and Fifa are the main driving force behind consoles these days.

The Japanese are simply not that fussed with this type of game and devs are just milking these franchises over and over again and not investing in varied new IPs. The Japanese will ultimately turn to hardware that caters to what they like and at the moment, it's Nintendo who are ticking all the boxes.

Blastoise1220d ago

Still prefer my Vita by a mile, I play my Vita everyday whilst my 3DS just sits about waiting for Monster Hunter 4 to come out

Inception1220d ago

Right now my vita got more playing time than my 3DS. Still busy with Freedom Wars and preparing for Hotaru no Nikki, Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunter, and Trails in the Sky SC.

Of course my 3DS will get some attention but after SE localized Bravely Second and Nintendo localized the new Fire Emblem. Until than my vita got more playing time than my 3DS.

UnceasingElias1219d ago

Monster hunter 4 Ultimate will be awesome!

Neonridr1219d ago

I play my Vita every day too, but it's because of the Remote Play feature. When I play my 3DS, it's to play games made for that system.

That's the sad truth in my household... if there was not Remote Play for the Vita/PS4, I wouldn't have one - simple fact.

That being said, it's still a nice handheld, and I play the free PS+ games on it. But not having dual shoulder buttons was an idiotic move on Sony's part.

fatstarr1220d ago

Lol wondered why there was a sad face, then I noticed it was from playstation lifestyle. 3DS is just more fun than the soulless vita.

Nintendos lineup is far more known for the 3DS, and the New3DS + Amiibos + the sell out for both the mh4u and MM new3dsxl show there's no signs for letting up. And then theres the crybabies that want the regular new 3ds holding out ( thats gonna be super hype when it drops as well)

VITA confirmed for BTFO

Inception1220d ago

Soulless? Don't know what's your problem with vita but i got a lot of fun with both vita and 3DS.

killerluffy1231220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Vita's current condition is pretty much cause by Sony itself , have u ever wonder where is all the continuation of those awesome PSP titles ? Kingdom Hearts , MGS , Patapon , Dissidia ,Syphon filter and my god damn MONSTER HUNTER series. Why the developers choose other platforms instead of Vita? Obviously Sony itself is losing a lot of money every year compared to other companies ,they dont have the money to ask for a Vita title , all their electronic products are way too over price and outdated . This ends with Vita poor sales in the West.

TimeSkipLuffy1220d ago

Sony might own some big franchises but the development of such a franchise takes a serious amount of time because they are usually dedicated to so-called hardcore gamers. It is easier to recycle a Mario game then an Uncharted where people expect the latest graphics and game mechanics.

But I agree Sony is relying too much on other studios. They released it and they should provide the main support of games. But hey... they just tell us how many indie games will be released on the vita every year... and yeah... that handheld is a remote play device...

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