Duck Dynasty available to download now in the UK on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Neil writes "Sorry but we can't always be bringers of good news. Duck Dynasty is now available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the UK. Oh joy!"

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DarkOcelet1220d ago

I am not sure you will be missing out on much. Did you watch a gameplay of it? It looks generic while it does look a bit pretty but the gameplay looks so boring.

Neonridr1220d ago

it sounds awful to be honest.

360ICE1220d ago

It's been on PS Store for some time. I'm not sure if it's on the UK PS Store, though.

bangoskank1220d ago

Why do these people have any celebrity status? It goes to show how brain dead humanity has become.

Hercules1891220d ago

Its better than hearing about kardashisns every single day.

VVgamer4lifeVV1220d ago

they would have to pay me to play this

MSpence5161220d ago

Ha, Angry Joe Show's worst game of the year. Automatic buy /s