Media Create sales (1/12 - 1/18)

Media Create published the latest gaming sales from Japan.

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Geobros1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Not many surprises to hardware chart this week. Software the same apart from Kenka Bancho 6, which i was waiting more sales in Japan.

DarkOcelet1279d ago

300 Xones only, ouch. It has decreased from last week. Ps vita is doing good. 3ds is just unbelievable, most of the software charts belong to it.

SaveFerris1279d ago

I wonder who is buying them in Japan?

Neonridr1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

I think everyone in Japan owns like 4 by now (3DS)

DarkOcelet1279d ago

Its not Japan only, in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, people dont even know the Xbox nor do they care, Playstation brand is very popular here, i honestly bought X360 because i loved the achievement system so much. And because i play Gears of war 1 on PC and wanted to play 2 and 3.

1278d ago
Gamer19821279d ago

Xbone decreased this week as that store that dropped them to half price to offload stock obviously ran out.

Neonridr1279d ago

There is over 20 million in lifetime sales for the 3DS games on that chart.. crazy.

eyeofcore1279d ago

3DS is the PlayStation 2 of 8th generation consoles...

Anyway... New 3DS is outselling PSV by over 2 to 1 thus it could outsell it in 2 to 3 years. :D

playstation4epic1278d ago

3ds is not a 8th generation console

chikane1279d ago

hope that 300 doesn't give Microsoft any ideas.. if you know what i mean.

aceitman1279d ago (Edited 1279d ago )

Ms won't have to if u know what I mean , a few stores stop selling them and I am sure a lot more will follow soon.the 360 sold way better than x1 in Japan even though it did sell well itself.i think this will be the last Xbox brand sold there. And Japan numbers will not help China sell well.

Gamer19821278d ago

360 had games like lost odyssey and blue dragon to boost sales. Some quality JRPGs something MS hasn't bothered with this generation as they are behind PS4. When your on top of the mountain you can concentrate on patching your small problems like getting jrpgs but when behind you performs to your strengths and since they behind they putting all there cash into shooters as they sell more xboxes than jrpgs unfortunately just not in Japan.

playstation4epic1278d ago

Seems like Ps4 sales are gradually increasing now. Outselling the Wii U more regularly now and with Bloodborne coming soon I expect it to catapult

Ol_G1278d ago

Maybe 10 out of 50 weeks is outselling ? Yeah right Sony fanboy logic

playstation4epic1278d ago

shall i bring up world wide sales lol thought so

Ol_G1278d ago

Bring up what you want but this was about japan so....

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