Evolve Beta Gameplay – Assault Class vs Goliath & Kraken

Evolve closed beta gameplay playing as the assault class Markov. We team up to fight against the Goliath and the Kraken monster.

As the assault class you are the main damage dealer to the monster, while relying on the other classes to keep them alive. All assault characters can use the personal shield to make them immune to damage for a short period of time.

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XTGN1130d ago

shaping up to be quite promising assumming everyone can get their head around the DLC plan...

Spinal1130d ago

No one agrees. The game is boring as sh1t lol. Played two matches of the beta an turned it off. One match the guy playin the monster was sooo bad.

I played this mode 4v1 or 3v1 in Alien vs Predator with Predator hunter. And thats just one mode outside of the campaign and other game modes. Why base a whole game on a single mode? lol this game will fail.

Scottyxboxoneandps41129d ago

No wonder u didn't like it!!! TWO MATCHES?? Talk about not giving the game a chance. I was weary of it to start with but after a good few hours as the monster then moving on to the hunters I found it to be a great game. Really looking forward to picking this up now.
Thing is so called "gamers" moan about games being the same repeated crap every year, then when something comes along that is different and u have to actually have to learn and give time too, people like urself are too quick to judge a new ip before giving it a proper chance!! U guys will be the downfall of gaming!!!

Gearfox1130d ago

One of the few games I'm looking forward too at the moment.

GreenGamers1130d ago

Did you pre-order it already?

Gearfox1130d ago

First buy when I get a next gen console.... eventually.

Hoffmann1130d ago

I don't like this game and bet its the next overhyped and dissapointing game.

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