Why Do People Hate Linear Games?

Ryan from Awesome Games writes: 'As an avid PlayStation aficionado, I often find two or three fall releases sitting in my present pile from the big man up north (no, not Ned Stark), and 2014 was no exception. Amongst the pairs of socks and Lynx shower gel gift sets, I was excited to unwrap Assassin’s Creed Unity, and Bethesda’s The Evil Within. “Great!” I thought, “The Evil Within seems like a pretty straightforward, linear title – I’ll delve into the horrors of that for a good 12-15 hours, then attempt the mammoth task that is completing a Ubisoft game.” Little did I know at the time that I couldn’t be more wrong…'

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DarkOcelet1219d ago

The only people who hate linear experience are the ones who wont get to play it. The Evil within was my favourite game last year and it was linear. As a matter of fact my most enjoyable games last year was actually the linear ones. Not every game has to be open world especially when that game get repititive really fast (AC Unity/The Crew/Far Cry 4) Those games would have been better if they had a more interesting mission structure, i hate doing the same thing over and over. The only thing that linear games need is an excellent replay value with unlockables and great campaign you will enjoy in higher difficulties.

AwesomegamesUK1219d ago

Great comment, DarkOcelet, and I completely agree. While open world games can be refreshing - for example, Forza Horizon 2 - so many titles lack the structure to create a gripping story or better gameplay mechanics that linear games can provide.

PeaSFor1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

God of War is ultra linear, yet it one of my favorite videogame series, just like Half-Life and Portal.

UnHoly_One1219d ago

Yup. It always cracks me up when reviewers use "linear" as a criticism.

It can be a good thing.

Gamer19821219d ago

Linear works for certain games like first person shooters as it helps narrate story however with genres like RPGs it actually takes away from the game. Its all horses for course as they say. There are Genres where it works either way and in fact makes the game completely different depending on linearity. For example driving games and Forza is a perfect example of this they have a linear Forza and a non linear open world Forza. The linear one sells more because most people prefer the more hardcore racer but the ones who buy the open world Forza horizon are a different type of racing gamer. They love driving in open worlds

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1219d ago (Edited 1219d ago )

Some of the best games in history are linear:

God Of War series
The Original Tomb Raider series
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Halo Combat Evolved
Crash Bandicoot
Super Mario Brothers
Pole Position
Final Fantasy 1 to 7
Uncharted series
Splinter Cell
Gears Of War
Dead Space
Halo 2
Halo 3
Mirrors Edge
Golden Eye
Devil May Cry (Original)
Army Of Two

There are alot more games to add to the list, but it's not necessary to do so.

There are plenty of linear games out there that are much more interesting to play than games that are non-linear, and if history is any indicator, most gamers prefer story driven, linear games to an open world/sandbox with absolutely no plot or depth.

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BallsEye1219d ago

Didn't see this kind of articles when Ryse was about to release. All it was getting was hate for being linear. Double standards as always. Still Ryse was my favourite game this gen so far.

Minute Man 7211219d ago

Ryse will be one of the 1st games I pick up for my X1 later this year. Forget the haters

MasterCornholio1219d ago

Ruse wasn't criticized because it was linear it was criticized for having repetitive gameplay.

Thats the truth.

Minute Man 7211219d ago

It's the younger generation of gamers. My nephew told me he isn't really interested in playing The Order because it's linear but he's enjoying The Last of Us

averagejoe261219d ago

Did you explain to him that that makes no sense?

Minute Man 7211219d ago

Yes I did, I guess it's something about The Last of US as linear as it is it's a masterpiece.

chrissx1219d ago

Those who use linearity as a criticism are too linear in their thinking.

tlougotg1219d ago

Im the complete opposite! I found most open world games monotonous, boring and repetitive. I couldnt get into games like GTA4, Red DEAD, hated Far Cry 3 with a passion and a few other games. They become so tedious and the quests and bs are all similar. Besides the Soul series (which isnt open world but has an open world style to it) my most memorable games are linear which include Uncharted series, Kz2, TLOU, Drive Club and a few others.

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